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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Winning Ugly

Sister St. Aloysius' time on the back deck contemplating the Blogger's Choice Awards has paid off. Not only has she become serene on this, the last day of voting, she already has a plan to celebrate. We've very grateful that so many people have voted for us, that we have such wonderful readers, for our fun discussions that go on in the comment section, all the questions and answers and the people that save us time with their wonderful answers, and that we actually somehow managed to make the top three. Every once in a while we were number one! How did that happen?

We'd also like to thank everyone who braved the high traffic and slow loading over there at the Blogger's Choice Awards to try and vote for us. Some people had to be quite tenacious! Good for you!

So to celebrate, Sister St. Aloysius is baking a cake. It's a really ugly looking cake. If you made it and brought it to a bake sale, it would just sit there. Which is exactly what you would want to happen, because then you could take it home and eat it yourself. But then you would be racked with guilt because the whole reason for the bake sale was to raise money to send the school kids on a religious retreat and you secretly hoping your cake wouldn't sell because it's so nasty looking was very wrong of you. You should have made two cakes and just kept one at home in the first place. But then if you made two cakes you should have tried to sell them both, hideous piles that they were.

Catholic guilt. You can't win.

The reason I mention the cake is because this is our little gift to you, this horrible looking cake. Make this cake. You won't be sorry. You may recall that I've mentioned Sister St. Aloysius' kitchen gifts. Her brownie recipe was so thrown together and made up as she went along that she never felt comfortable trying to tell someone else how to make it.

But this awful looking cake is a breeze to make. It is the most delicious cake in the world.

Our little gift to you, Sister St. Aloysius:

Hello everyone! Here's my cake!
1 box Devil's Food Cake Mix
1 box chocolate instant pudding

1/4 cup oil

2 eggs
1 1/4 cup water
1 cup choc chips

Oven to 350

Pour oil in the bottom of a 13X9 pan and tilt it around to cover. Dump in cake mix and pudding. Make a well in the center and put in eggs and water. Mix mix mix with a spoon and scrape down the sides. Stir in choc chips. Bake 35 minutes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT frost it. It ruins it, I promise you. It's PERFECT the way it is - especially when warm and melty.

Perhaps now that you have the ugly cake recipe, you'll feel compelled to go vote if you haven't already. I am not above inflicting a little Catholic guilt, although I usually wield my guilt stick more appropriately.

To make up for that little sin, here is today's nun:

Sr. Mary Martha - here are photos of my aunt Sr. Eve Gillcrist, O.P. She was editor of the Spanish edition of the Brooklyn Tablet for so many years, and another of her after her retirement. She celebrated her golden jubilee a few years ago. I wanted to send some photos of our local nuns as well (SSND and a few other orders) but I couldn't find any photos online. :( Monica


Anonymous said...

Ok. Now you've done it Sister Mary Martha.

I now 'must' have some of Sister St. Aloysius' really ugly looking cake.

Looking forward to more Nun Beautiful photos/notes.

Continued success.


Therese said...

I think my home schoolers would like to try your ugly cake Sr. Maybe we will make it today and have another cooking lesson.

joannaB73 said...

The cake looks delicious anyway! And thank you to the Infant Jesus of Prague for keeping me financially afloat at this time!

Shannon said...

I'm obsessed with cake.

We'll make it over here to celebrate your success!!

Thanks and take care,

Smiley said...

a cake is cake is a cake. i love all pastries and confectioneries unless you have used salt instead of sugar then thats a different story.
Does anyone have a simple recipe for making bread, remeber im a man so it needs to be really simple and i live in an apprtment so no wood burning oves etc just the plain old electric oven

Anonymous said...

Oh,smiley, I've got a great bread recipe - are you hand kneading or do you have a mixer?

Unknown said...

The cake sounds tasty, no matter how it may look. I do have a question for you: I've been out of work since April and my employment insurance is about to run out. I am desperatly seeking work, however, have been turned down for every job I've applied for so far. Out of desperation, I applied for a job as a cashier at a local er...adult...novelty...store... I myself am a virgin and plan to remain one until marriage, nor do I really condone the use of such uh...products. But, I really need a job (eviction is imminent) and they are the only company that seems interested in having me as an employee. What should I do? Should I take the job? If I did, would it be concidered a sin to work in such an industry?

The store also sells cakes.
Just not ones I'd eat.

Anonymous said...

Go to the frozen food section. Pick up bag of preshaped frozen bread dough. If you feel fancy, brush it with butter about five minutes before it's done baking.

Honestly it smells just as amazing and if you throw away the bag no one can tell the difference.

Aaron said...

On a totally unrelated note... the debate got me thinking about how praying for America is going to do way more than my one vote will. Our Lady of Guadalupe is the patron saint of both North America and the pro-life cause. Do you know of any good novenas to her?

Smiley said...

Hi Monica

Ill be hand kneading the dough.

Jen said...

Robert -- What a predicament! In my Master's moral ethics class we talked about situations like this -- a woman doing filing at an abortion clinic to feed her family, etc. The conclusion was, if she's not actively participating in the sin (helping perform abortions) and her intention is only to get whatever work she can, she's not culpable. The intent was the big thing. Unfortunately, there's still the problem of causing scandal, but that's a different issue. I'll definitely wait to see what Sister says about this one!

Anonymous said...

Robert - DONT DO IT!!!! Do you really think you would come out unscathed? And what nice girl will want a guy who works in a place like that? Say a novena to St. Joseph for a job. You'll get one. I'll do one for you too!

Shannon said...

Dear Sisters,
We made your cake today and it is great. I would like to send you some pictures of us and our victory party for you.
My favorite photo is of my baby crying over the cake. I guess she didn't like the looks of it...but it sure tasted great!!
Also, would it be okay for me to post this recipe on my blog?

Anonymous said...

the world's simplest bread is actually biscuits. Here's a very inexpensive recipe:

Sift together
2c all-purpose flour
1/4c dry milk
1 tblsp Baking POWDER (NOT soda)
1/2 tsp salt

add 1/4 c shortening & blend in. I've used margarine and cooking oil with success. I have no pastry blender, so I use a fork.

add ~2/3 c water (perhaps a little more) and mix together into dough. Spoon onto a baking sheet and bake in a preheated 400deg oven for about 12 minutes -- makes 9 biscuits.

Anonymous said...

This is probably a dumb question but
Regarding the cake, how do you get it out of the pan?
Pax and good eats!

Adrienne said...

Made your cake last night. Tasted great but was waaaaaaay too pretty.

Anonymous said...

Sister Mary Martha,

Your cake doesn't have to be ugly. I've been making a cake with a very similar recipe for years. Here's the difference. Instead of baking in a 9 x 13 pan, I use a bundt pan. Bake @ 350 degrees for 50-60 minutes. Let stand for about 5 minutes after coming out of the oven, then flip the cake out. Lightly dust with powdered sugar and there you have it: A very tasty, pretty cake!
Happy Baking,