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Friday, March 04, 2011

The Dollar Menu

If I had really been on my game, I would have done yesterday's post about Polish donuts today, the feast day of St. Casmir, the patron saint of Poland.  C'est la vie.

Or C'est la guerre, perhaps, would be more appropriate when invoking St. Casmir. He was a conscientious objector. Or should we say, C'est non la guerre?  I don't speak French.

Yesterday in the comments section, we took a side trip to Hawaii where the donutty treat is malasadas. 

Aloha Sister!

The large number of Portuguese Catholics in Hawaii has turned the islands' Fat Tuesday into Malasada Tuesday. A malasada is a soft, yeast doughnut, and is probably one of the most wonderfully simple, delicious things to eat. I have fond memories of my grandmother and her sisters making hundreds of them before Ash Wednesday every year. 

These little babies are over-large donut holes, fried crispy on the outside and rolled in cane sugar (from Hawaii).  But the actual treat is Portuguese.  There were a lot of Portuguese workers and sailors in the South Pacific, who later went to Hawaii to build things.  The Hawaiians really glommed onto malasadas, like sugar on a malasada.

Meanwhile, readers want me to know about another Lenten practise:

 Did you know that the File-o-Fish was created by a Catholic McDonald's own specifically for the Meatless Fridays (which were all Fridays in the past)? Sounds like a question for Jeopardy to me...

Yes.  I am well aware.

Perhaps I need to start making myself some Hula Burgers.


Lola said...

I just got our Paczki today and now I can treat the kids to the Portugues Malasada! The Thai restaurant already serves little bite sized donuts with sweetened and condensed milk for dessert. It's basically a dare to become diabetic.

I'm really going to try and do that "Fasting" from something I love this lent, and I think deep-fat-fried dough will be the first item on the list.

But there's still time until next Wednesday.

eaucoin said...

Sister, is there a way to search for old posts on a particular saint. I'm looking for stuff about St. Martin de Porres. Thanks.

Sister Mary Martha said...

I have mentioned him several times in passing in the blog, but never done a whole post on him. He's in the shop, though:

Anonymous said...

eaucoin - see that little white window just above and to the left of the header "Ask Sister Mary Martha"? That's a search box. Type in the saint's name, click on the magnifying glass icon and voila!

Anonymous said...

N'est pas la guerre.

Anonymous said...

C'est la paix!

Thatresourcesite said...

I love these!, my wife is from Hawaii and makes them for us every year...