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Monday, January 22, 2007

No Voodoo Zone

Yesterday I felt bad because I failed to give all the single gals a heads up about the Feast of St. Agnes. Today I feel bad because I talked about the whole thing.

One of my readers was concerned that the separated brethren, who already have enough fodder (in their minds) to think that Catholics are a bunch of wackos, will point to the egg eating magic dream eve of St. Agnes and say, "I told you so!"

I think my reader makes a very good point. By the time you've picked up a garter belt and traveled to another town and are singing your way through sewing your right stocking onto your left garter belt, we, over here at Catholicism, are looking a little foolish.

That's not good. The Catholic Church is not foolish.

So let me ease your mind a bit.

To begin with let's mind our own garden and not worry too much about what the separated brethren are doing over there in separate land. So what if they have a problem with fasting all day and eating a salty egg before bedtime to dream of your intended? They have a problem with the Blessed Mother and Transubstantiation, too! Go ahead and enjoy your egg. You're probably starving after fasting all day.

Furthermore, let's make a clear distinction between faith and superstition.

When you have a little statue of the Infant of Prague in your home, and you honor the lessons of the Child Jesus and how He was cared for from birth in His home with His family and then you pray for financial stability (stability being the operative word here, we're not talking about lottery jackpots or a heavy payout from the Colts beating the Patriots), that's faith.

When you stick a statue of the Infant of Prague up on your refrigerator amongst the cereal boxes and vitamins and that bottle of Metamucil because your old Aunt Theresy told you if you have a statue of the Infant of Prague in your house you will never want financially, that's superstition.

Get the difference?

So I don't have a problem with someone praying for the intercession of St. Agnes while they fast all day. I hope that girl is thinking about what kind of man she really needs...a good Catholic one...and what marriage is really all about....raising Catholic children...while she fasts all day. I would hope that by the time she bites into that egg she will really have thought things through.

Dreams aren't superstitions. Ask St. Joseph. The Holy Family would never had made it out of Bethlehem if not for his dreams.

Poor St. Joseph, the wacko.

Maybe, the travel/stocking method is a bit much....but really, if it all causes you to extend your thinking while you shop and travel and sing and sew...all the better. No wonder you get a kiss to boot!


Anonymous said...

What do you mean when you say, "Poor St. Joseph, the wacko"?
Please elaborate, Sister.

Sister Mary Martha said...

I was being sarcastic to the separated brethren who think Catholics are wackos.

If the separated brethren feel that St. Agnes sending someone a dream of their intended is an example of Catholic 'wackiness' then what does that say about St. Joseph who was warned to take the Holy Family to Egypt in a dream. Wacko? St. Joseph?

I was being facetious.

Denise said...

Dear Sister,

You might enjoy my post about Catholic kids and the Communion of Saints. There is something very reassuring about having the entire Church Triumphant ready to join us in prayer.

cattiekit said...

Oh, I dunno.

If we were to look at things even-handedly, Protestantism (some of the more *vocal* separated brethren) have some beliefs that make the stories behind the Eve of the Feast of St. Agnes look quite grounded.

Like "the Rapture". And predestination.

I could go on and on, but this'll probably get me into quite enough trouble. ;>)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, cattiekit. I'm quite fond of our Catholic legends, and think the protestant versions are weak and lame. (and whacko!)

cattiekit said...

Thank you, Monica!

I was half-expecting a tirade from that one notorious poster from the past (you know who you are) who was going off on fundamentalist rants at the slightest provocation (or not), so having someone agree was a seriously pleasant surprise. :>D

sister mary alternative said...

what about trying the st. anne's prayer? it's a beautiful ancient celtic prayer that i learned when i lived in northern ireland. it goes, "dear st. anne, send me a man, as quick as you can."

sister mary alternative said...

what about trying the st. anne's prayer? it's a beautiful ancient celtic prayer that i learned when i lived in northern ireland. it goes, "dear st. anne, send me a man, as quick as you can."

Sister Mary Martha said...

I don't know about St. Ann's prayer. It needs one more line, don't you think. The rhythm is off.

Dear St. Ann,
Send me a man
as quick as you can
and a new frying pan.

Something like that.

Elizabeth said...

Excuse me, but putting the Infant of Prague is not superstition, if you have the FAITH it will work. Thanks. Because it's worked my my family of 12 for our whole lives.