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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Just a quick note. I have not purposely disabled the comments. I'm a tough old bird who has spent her life teaching Catechism to squirming second graders and eighth grade boys. I have nothing to fear from you, our readers.

I have in fact tried everything to fix the comments so you can comment. The site is, after all, called "Ask" Sister Mary Martha. I don't know why it isn't working and blogger is no help whatsoever. I'll not have time or access to teenagers even try to fix it until Monday. Until then you shall be, unfortunately, like St. Raymond Nonnatus, who had his mouth padlocked shut. Just some added suffering for Lent.

Let's hope it's resurrected by Easter.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the suggestions of other Catholic blogs Sister. What I really need is information on the Catholic faith that isn't sooo dry or over my head. When I joined the Church over 20 years ago there wasn't alot of information really. Even now my son's eighth grade CCD class didn't teach doctrine. They spent the whole year teaching sex. Really. Is there a Catholism 101 book out there that you recommend. Again, thank you for the teaching you've given me on your site.

Anonymous said...

Comments are back, my dear. :-D)

Suzanne Temple said...

comment. comment. comment. comment. Seems to be working.

CMinor said...

Check out Catholicism For Dummies (of the Dummies books series,) by Revs. John Trigilio Jr. and Kenneth Brighenti. Avoid the competitor Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Catholicism.

Anonymous said...

I've heard great reviews of the 'dummies' book as well. It's supposed to be accessable to bears of little brain like me.

Kasia said...

Anonymous, I can recommend quite a few books, but my recommendations would vary depending on your situation. E-mail me at clamrampant at yahoo dot com, and I'll be happy to offer plenty of suggestions. :-)


cattiekit said...

Yay for the return of commentary!

Anon, I actually have an old catechism lying around this house somewhere, but I think it would fall into the realm of Dull and Dry.

Thank the nice people for their help! Glad you're here and wanting to know more.

cattiekit said...

Since we can't comment on the Roadtrip Through Lent post *at* that post:

I just can't help being tickled that the folks in the McMansions might feel put out by you helping the less fortunate with car rides.

There you are, surrounded by huge monuments to Mammon, doing Christ's work in your humble abode.

Yay for you, sweet Sister. Yay for you! :>D

Anonymous said...


I recommend anything written by Patrick Madrid, especially the "Surprised by Truth" series. Also check out catholic.com and listen to Catholic Answers on your local Catholic Radio station or online. All are easy to understand and well written.

Anonymous said...

Sister, I have been suffering along for Lent and, now that Easter is coming up, it actually seems a little disapointing. I find all the rejoicing makes me a little grumpy. I'll offer up my grumpiness but I wish I could get with tyhe program. Any tips for those of us who do better at "miserere" and "alleluia?"

Anonymous said...

Sorry -- I meant, "any tips for those of us who do better at 'miserere' THAN 'alleluia'?"

Anonymous said...

I have read on the internet that there are only 5 approved scapulars and I am going to get the green one in the mail an it isn't an approved one. What does it mean that a scapular is or isn't approved by the Church? Is the scapular still useful?