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Monday, July 02, 2007

Where Did the Time Go?

Apparently, it's my anniversary! Who knew? I 'm not even at home to have Sister St. Aloysius make a fantastic cake or brownies or something to celebrate by offering them up to someone else.

Sister Mary Martha has been answering questions and making observations for an entire year. Who knew? It doesn't seem like a year. For one thing, the plumbing hasn't blown up again as it does annually, unless you count the hot water heater. Maybe after we have sewage all over the hallway once again it will seem like a year has passed. Some of us mark the days with the Liturgical Calendar. Some of us mark the days when the things that go down through the pipes stay down there. Some of us do both.

Here's how I'd like to celebrate, if you'd be so kind. Dig around in our archives and let us know which posts have been your favorites. We'd be interested to know what strikes a chord!

I think my personal favorite were the posts around Halloween. For me, they were cathartic in more ways than one, since some of the things that go on around Halloween year after year grow so tiresome....how and why Christians observe the holiday, for example. I was happy to put my two cents in. And glad to retell my story of the old man at the bank. My Norma Rae moment.

But I'd be so happy to hear from you! That would be as good as cake and I wouldn't have any way to give it up.....

Or! Pop over and give us a vote at the Blogger's Choice Awards. That would tickle Sister St. Aloysius no end. We can't believe how far we've come over there!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sister,
I always get a chuckle when reading your blog! Plus, I've learned so much about my faith. Thanks so much. I love the way you write so simply put, but how funny too! Thanks for making me laugh. I've told lots of friends about your blog. I like learning about why we Catholics do the things we do.
Keep blogging!
Mary A in TX

Anonymous said...

This one is my favorite... the second part, "She's just not that into You." That post has stuck with me ever since it was written back in May.

Yours is one of the best blogs ever! And if Sister St. Aloysius does happen to make your favorite cake or brownies and you need some help getting rid of it, I'll send you my address. :)

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful anniversary. Here's to many more years!!!


Kelly said...

My absolute favorite is the one about the brown scapular.

Troublemaker said...

I agree with Kelly. I 've read "What Can Brown Do For You" several times. It convinced me to start wearing one.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the one about tattoos! Happy Anniversary...

Melanie said...

Mine was Miraculous Mary. That was an exciting post to read.

Anonymous said...

hi! Sister, my favorite article is about Mary and the saints.It's a thing that some people think that Catholics worship many gods.But it's actually the intercessory thing. I can now explain it to my friends about saints.They are our friends and prayer partners in heaven.It's really cool!Have a nice day!Happy Anniversary and God bless you! :-)

La gallina said...

My favorites in order of most favorite first:

1. What happened to the veil

2. The brown scapular

3. Burying St. Joseph to sell your house

Thanks for the info!