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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jesus Loves You, Michael Vick

Isn't Soledad O'Brien a pretty girl? She just has to be Catholic,too, with that name! She was on CNN explaining to us about the football player, Michael Vick, who tortured dogs and killed them. She showed us a video tape of Mr. Vick apologizing for his inhumane activities and, much to my surprise, Mr. Vick explained that he won't be torturing dogs any longer, because he has found Jesus.

That's good news! And lucky for him, because Jesus is just about the only person (who also happens to be God) who is forgiving Mr. Vick and doesn't mind having His name associated with a dog torturer.

Be honest. If your name was Mary Smith and you turned on Soledad O'Brien to hear Michael Vick saying, "I'm sorry I tortured dogs, but don't worry because my new best friend is Mary Smith," you would be appalled.

But Jesus doesn't mind having dog torturers at his table.

Jesus has that in common with the NFL.

Except for those players who are actually still in jail and can't attend, which seems to only be one or two, the NFL, who some merrily call the National Felons League, welcomes all manner of criminals to their party. I remember reading years ago that there were enough convicted felons playing in the league that if you so desired, you could form a whole team of just felons with them.

Their crimes include drug possession, drug trafficking (in one case $25,000 worth of heroin...that would be 5000 pagan babies worth!), "child enticement", armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, weapons charges, aggravated assault, domestic abuse, rape, DUI, vehicular manslaughter (that's when you kill someone with your car, in this case also while DUI), domestic violence, solicitation (of prostitutes, this from a receiver of the Bart Starr award from Athletes in Action), obstruction of justice and murder. The murdered woman was pregnant. The child, born prematurely, has cerebral palsy.

Miss O'Brien had another gentleman on who explained that while the NFL was very embarrassed about how Mr. Vick treats dogs, he would still be allowed to play football after he gets out of the pokey, unless Mr. Vick was gambling. The NFL doesn't like gambling.

Jesus doesn't mind gambling so much. At least, according to the Church He founded here on earth, gambling is not a sin. (Gambling in excess is a sin and not giving some or all of your winnings to charity should be a sin but it isn't.) NFL players and everybody else can go to Vegas and have a good time, they just can't start a giant brawl, hit a waiter in the face with a champagne bottle and threaten to come back later and kill the bouncer, as one NFL player has recently done. Jesus never said word one about gambling, that I recall, not even when the Roman soldiers threw dice over his poor sad clothes. Maybe Jesus was just too tired at that point to say anything, but I doubt it. Jesus was never one to shirk His responsibilities.

Hopefully, the dogs that Michael Vick tortured got to go to heaven with the only two dogs in heaven, St. Rock's dog and Katmir, the dog of the Seven Sleepers. I'm sure they'd be happy to have to other dogs to play with.

And they would forgive them if the new comers were a little 'nippy' at first.

* Jesus and his dog is from a T-Shirt design by Threadless


Anonymous said...

....gambling in excess?

Sister Mary Martha said...

from the Catechism of the Catholic Church:
2413 Games of chance (card games, etc.) or wagers are not in themselves contrary to justice. They become morally unacceptable when they deprive someone of what is necessary to provide for his needs and those of others.

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Sister, I just love to read your blog. :)

BTW, Mrs. O'Brian is, indeed, a Catholic. Guideposts magazine (Dr. Peale's) had an article about her, and she talked about how happy she was to have moved to this place that is right across the street from the Catholic church in her town. It was very sweet.

And, she is very pretty, too. ;)

God bless!

PraiseDivineMercy said...

Great article Sister... It's only... you wrote "gambling in access" which made me wonder if it's only a sin when the casino has allowances for the handicapped . ^_^

I used to play cards with my friends and we would bet three dollars each. It seemed more fun.

Sister Mary Martha said...

Guess I need new glasses.

Christine said...

Lol! This post is great, Sister. At some point you will have to tell us more about St. Rock's dog.

Andrew Cruze said...

Hilarious post. Way to take it to the NFL. Now you'll just have to sell your blog entry to Dana White.

Michelle Therese said...

Ok, Dumb Question of the Week: are you a real nun?? You are SO FUNNY! (And scary.) (In a nun way...)

God bless!!

Michelle Therese
non-nun Catholic in Scotland

Katie Alender said...

I just got my St. Rock bracelet from your Etsy store!

This reminds me of a country song: "Jesus Loves You, I Don't".

Anonymous said...

Sister! Your blog is the best! I hope all the compliments you get don't cause your nun "head gear" (hmmm...sounds like spiritual orthodontia) to need replacing to fit your swollen head! I learn something every time I read one of your posts, and never fail to get a good laugh, too. And that picture of the dog and baby is beyond precious!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sister, is that a dog-baby fight? I suppose you snapped that photo right before the baby bit that poor defenseless dog. I hope you bet on the baby - but not excessively. ;)

What IS the story behind St. Rock's dog? This is the second time you've mentioned it, and third time is the story, right?

Heather said...

A gentleman named Rich Leonardi currently has a post about his irritation with kids having athletes as role models.
I think your post complements his quite well.

God bless!

Gazed- Upon Glass, Cosmic Clean Body and Handmade by Celyn said...

Thank you for a wonderful read. :)