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Friday, October 12, 2007

The Top of the Heap

Well, here's some news. After we made it onto the front page of the Blogger's Choice Awards we stopped paying attention. So imagine our surprise today to find us in fourth place right behind the top three. I think Sister St. Aloysius is fashioning some sort of yard sign, which will be interesting, since we don't have a front yard. I appreciate her encouragement and good humor as well as her post in my absence.

Shall we celebrate or shall we not and offer it up? I think we should make some brownies and take them down to the Ladies at the Catholic Charity to eat and give out.

We appreciate everyone who voted for us and everyone who still pops over to vote. It's very gratifying.

I've got it! The perfect way to celebrate! Now if I can just find out where to get three hundred and nine candles.
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Anonymous said...

Sister can you shed any light on the Italian monsignor who 'didn't feel he was sinning' by having sex with gay men? What?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard this story, but I sincerely doubt that anyone of sound mind could shed much light on such a thing. It doesn't make sense. Pray for him.

Good luck with this question, Sister!

Sister Mary Martha said...

I haven't heard about but I can shed light on his statement. He is mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

I read it on the ktiv news station out of Sioux City, Iowa. The Vatican suspended an Italian monsignor from a senior position at the Holy See. He was interviewed anonymously but apparently in his own office as the Vatican officials recognized where the interview took place. He was not identified. He had been a top official in an office which aims to ensure proper conduct by priests.
I did read once there were those who felt as long as they didn't touch women it was ok, believing women were the source of all sin and evil.
Yep, he's not only twisted but not very bright either or incredibily arrogant.

Tom in Vegas said...

Sister Mary-

I have a question that is completely unrelated to the above subject matter. In Christianity, as well as in other non-Catholic/ non-Christian religions, there is much talk about the soul. But what part of me is the soul? Is it in the brain? What part of it continues? And how do we know it does?

This is one of those overlooked discussions that doesn't get that much attention, and is accepted by some without adequate understanding.

I have a feeling you may have already discussed this on a past post. If you have, please ignore this.

I'm not implying I disbelieve, I just want to know more.


Therese said...

congratulations on all your votes Sister. I love coming here and reading your blog.