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Monday, January 21, 2008

Veiled Threat

We couldn't find Teddy today. I was surprised by how worried I became about his disappearance. All he does is eat and sleep. What's to miss? He eventually turned up. He's simply picked a new spot to spend his days. Cats do that;they sleep in one spot for a long time, then they suddenly change to some other spot. What excitement. They don't have to think about this type of thing:

I have been feeling for years that the the Holy Spirit is calling me to veil.I veil in Mass only, but it seems that the more that I pray, and the closer that I get to God, I feel that I am being lead to veil daily as well. I know that you may think that I am insane as well as your readers here, but this is just something that I honestly feel that the Holy Spirit is calling me to do. I'm scared to do it, Sister.I know that I should listen to the Holy Spirit, but I don't want to be mocked or made fun off. My husband says that I should do what I feel I am being lead to do. Another thing is that I don't want any religious to feel like I am mocking them. The closer that I get to God, the more I feel that I am being called to do this. I'm sure that this comment will make some people angry, and I'm very sorry.

I'm not sure who would be angry. I might think you're insane? I dunno. Have you checked out my picture?

There is some anger about veils these days, certainly. What type of veil were you considering? Not something that would get you searched at the airport or rejected by the DMV, I hope.

I have a very strong opinion that no one should tell anyone else what to do about their veils, which includes people talking about what nuns 'should' do. If you want to wear a veil, go nuts. Have at it. I wonder why the Holy Spirit wants you to wear a veil, I'll admit. What example does He want you to set with your mantilla, I wonder.

But I have a feeling you won't know until you try it. I don't think people will make fun of you. They might ask you about it and, if I had money to put down on a bet, I would bet that people will judge you as being a pious holier than thou type.

It's none of their beeswax.

We'll be interested to know how it goes.

Another reader wants to know:

I would like to add to the above question regarding veiling. This is only regarding veiling for mass. Sister, could you please inform us about the original reason for women (non religious) veiling for mass? Why did this practice stop? Was it a requirement that was actually changed or is it a case of mass-disobedience? I've noticed some women at my parish start wearing them - more so at the latin masses, but now also at the novus ordo. I was told also that the requirement was never abrogated - is this true??

I have addressed this before, so I'll just let you catch up.

The hat rule.

So to answer your question, until 1917 no self respecting woman went anywhere without a hat, let alone to Mass. When women stopped wearing hats, the Church did make a rule (in 1917) that women should wear hats in church as a sign of respect. Covering the head before God is an old practice to show humility. (I'm not sure why the opposite happened with men in church. My best guess is that since men always took off their hats to show respect, it would seem disrespectful in church. No one said it made sense.) Then there was the mass misunderstanding with Vatican II, by that time women had already switched to the chapel doily. Now the church has no hat rule on the books. Not a no hat rule. No rule about wearing a hat. You can do whatever you want with your head.

As long as it isn't sinful.

I've found Teddy's new spot. It looks very comfortable.


Sister Spitfire said...

It's almost Ash Wednesday Sister and time to burn those orange glow sticks. It may not have been you that emailed me and said that your opinion would be up in a couple of days last year but just in case it WAS....I've been waiting terribly anxiously for almost a year now. (I offered up ALL that suffering too.) But since the topic might actually fit into your blogging schedule sometime in the next couple of months, I just wanted to you to know I still care about your opinion.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think the woman in the picture with the mantilla looks like Patti Hearst?

Anonymous said...

I cover my head while in a Catholic Church out of respect for something that is inside that church but not outside of it in the same way: the Eucharist. I therefore do not see a lot of value added to wearing a veil outside of church. However, that relates to why *I* use a veil. Ladies who cover their heads for other reasons may find that those reasons work for them at home, too. I would suggest that the lady whose comment was quoted above consider her reasoning and if it holds water, then go for it.

Hillbillburbian Files said...

I am also called to cover my head. I do this out of respect to my God and my husband. Although I do not always wear a "veil" per se, I do cover my head via hat, scarf, or veil whenever I am not within the immediate confines of my home. I believe that this shows God that I am committed to having a servant's heart, as well as being humble and modest and respectful of my husband. As a married woman, I am called to do this by God.

La Bibliotecaria Laura said...

I'm all for hats.

We don't burn orange glow sticks, sounds toxic.

Anonymous said...

I love to hear about Teddy.

Anonymous said...

It can't be Patty Hearst... there is no machine gun in the picture.

Anonymous said...

Why did wearing hats to church go out of style? Two words: Jackie Kennedy.

Ciocia said...

Not sure you can blame Jackie. i don't think i've ever seen a picture of her without a mantilla or hat entering or leaving a church.

My mother blames nasty church ladies who clucked to her: "Why , my dear, NOBODY wears those anymore!"