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Friday, March 14, 2008

New Sins

Happy Fake St. Patrick's Day!

Can you post your "Sins of the New Millennium". We would love to see it.

I'm not sure what I did with my list. But I invite you to help me compile a new one.

Here are my top picks:

Cell Phones Most of the Time. You may think that excessive cell phone use is merely bad manners. I beg to differ. If you are with me, but you are talking your phone you are pretending that I am not there and that you are alone and free to talk, that goes a little beyond bad manners. This isn't a 'what would Jesus do?" question. This is the reverse. Pretend I'm Jesus. Still feel like finding out what's for dinner?

That Woman on the Food Network Who Cooks Southern Food. My mother likes to watch cooking shows and her soap opera. The other day we were watching this southern lady make fried macaroni and cheese. I am so sorry I am not kidding. She had made a big pan of macaroni and cheese and left it in the refrigerator over night. Then she cut a big fat square of it. Next she took a big thick and wide piece of bacon and wrapped it around the macaroni and cheese square. I can't remember if she dipped that in egg before rolling it in some sort of breading. I was getting queasy. I understand when people are having a heart attack they may also feel a little nauseous. Finally, she dropped the big fat bacon wrapped brick of cheese and pasta with egg (maybe) and bread crumbs (or corn flakes or crackers or something) into a big fat vat of boiling oil. I think she said it was peanut oil. Whatever the most fattening kind of oil there could possibly be, that's what was used to deep fry the heart attack brick.

That's just a sin. It just has to be. Unless instead of calling it "Deep Fried Macaroni and Cheese" she called it "Heart Attack Bricks". Maybe being honest about it would lift it from the realm of sin.

Certain Uses for Tiny Cameras.Last night on the news there was a story about a man who was acquitted of the crime of taking a camera and taking pictures unbeknownst to the sixteen year old girl whose skirt he took pictures under. He wasn't acquitted because he was innocent of sneakily taking pictures up the skirt of a teenage girl without her knowledge. He was acquitted because it is not a crime to sneakily take pictures up some one's skirt, even if they haven't said you can. I'm guessing that since this is really a brand new problem because, not only the invention of tiny cameras, but the availability of them to people beyond CIA agents, the law has not caught up to the technology.

It may not be a crime. (YET) But it is most definitely a sin.

I'm pretty sure this one was on my old list: Reality TV. Other people's problems and pain are not fodder for our entertainment.

Not even those predator guys. Go ahead and set up a house and catch them all. But don't show their shame to me so that I can sit in judgement and laugh at how stupid they look, now that they were caught red handed.

To this I would add: Nancy Grace. Miss Grace, you are not the judge and jury. Don't let Miss Grace make you the judge and jury.

And finally: Grill Work. Not on your car. On your teeth. Also
called 'bling'. This is when you have some diamond braces made for your teeth. Take that money and buy some mosquito netting for the children of Africa so they don't keep getting malaria. Send that money to the retired nuns. Hand it out to homeless guys on skid row. Anything but stick it across your teeth.

Worse yet, while I was at the drugstore picking up my mother's prescriptions, I saw CANDY GRILL WORK. Attaching candy to your children's teeth has got to be a sin.

I'm sure every single one of you has some ideas of other things that should be on our list. Post them in the comments and we can compile this year's list.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sister,

I noticed you linked to seriouseats.com for Paula Deen's recipe. (Serious eats for serious seats you know, I think there is probably a sin in that, but it was covered back in the day.)

They have the best chocolate cake recipe over there. I'm baking it after the Lenten fast.

Aside from new ways of gluttony

Anonymous said...

As I was typing, ... Aside from new ways of experiencing gluttony en masse, I think a big area of sin is spending too much time on the internet. Even if it is for seemingly good things, like researching saints and learning about JPII's Catechesis on Angels.

At some point it can become a distraction.

Anonymous said...

Another thing which is probably not a sin, but which is necessarily embarassing, is accidentally taking three posts to publish your comments on someone's weblog.

It's ignorant, but not inherently sinful I pray.

Sorry about that.

God bless you.

Joan said...

I think it is a sin throw away someones grill that you found in their bedroom without telling them, or maybe it was a sin in the first place for the boy to buy it in the first place. I have not seen the candy grills sister, but I have seen the real (fake) deal.

Amy said...

I think it's a sin for parents to purchase their teenaged daughters plastic surgery for a high school graduation gift. According to a show I saw the other night on tv, gifting your teenaged daughter with new boobs is a big trend in New York. What are these parents thinking?? (Just think about how many mosquito nets that money could buy!)

Laura Michele said...


God Bless You sister!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sister, I've been reading your blog for a few months now. For awhile I thought it possible you might be the SMM of my youth... that was her name, Sister Mary Martha, and I had her for 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th grades at St. Joseph Grade School. She was the stern but diligent Nun who beat Math, History, Religion, English etc. into us, and who tried to beat the devilment out of us. However, if your Mother is still alive, that would rule you out as my SMM, as my SMM's Mother would have to be about 150 years old now. But I digress. I think it should be a sin to be mean to kitty-cats.

RadioPie said...

Lawrence! My cats love you for your last post!!

beez said...

I'm still laughing over heart attack brick!

I think that we can call most advertising sinful (at least venial) since it almost always involves lying.

Rosebud Collection said...

I tell you, every food I look at is a sin...It never is the stuff that is good for you.

Melanie said...

internet addiction

Anonymous said...

I think fried twinkies are in the same category as your fried heart attack brick.

I also think inflicting bad architecture on the public is a mortal sin. Think how many years before earthquakes do enough damage so the people can justify demolishing the thing and building something decent. Especially church architecture.

Anonymous said...

Sister, you forgot to mention the ABSOLUTE WORST PART about that macaroni and cheese recipe: because of that bacon, you can't eat it on Friday, so it ruins a perfectly good Friday in Lent dinner!

On to read the rest of the post.

Heather said...

I did once have a priest take a cell phone call in the confessional. He wasn't on long; just explained he was hearing confessions and told the caller he'd get back to them later.
He looked at me and said, "We have a lot of old people in this parish."

I just let it go.

Ouiz said...

Oh my goodness. I can't stop laughing over the fried macaroni and cheese...

june cleaver said...

Thank you for adding Nancy Grace to your list! You should also add her twin sister, Greta Van Susteren... who tries to pedal gossip as news. Puleez!

I have no more comments about sins because... well I am a sinner. I try-but I can't help it.

Anonymous said...

I'm still struggling with plastic surgery being a sin. God gave me gray hair. Does that mean it's a sin to color it?

Anonymous said...

I live in the land of fried Mars Bars.

I also live in one of the many places that claims to be the birthplace of St. Patrick.
The archbishop moved St. Patrick's feast to Friday (two days ago.) St. Patrick's high school served meat at lunch and there was solemn Mass at St. Patrick's parish chuch. Afterwards, there was a dinner with all sorts of traditional Irish dishes, all containing meat.

I did not see any beer, green or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone fry a mars bar or a twinkie? They aren't a decent food choice on their own much less fried.

Sarah - Kala said...

All the food stuff is making me sick. Plus, I just forked over just about $400 on drill and fills on my kids 'cos their diets HAD BEEN full of sugary foods (hidden and blatant) and they weren't brushing like I assumed they were.

Another sin: all the insurance fraud and cray people suing everyone. Just a thought.

Sanctus Belle said...

At the Minnesota State Fair you can buy deep fried candybars (snickers, mars, 3 muskateers, etc) on a stick. You can also get deep fried twinkies/ho-ho's/ding dongs on a stick. I get sick just thinking about it...

"um...could I get a deep fried Lipitor on a stick to go with that?"

Anonymous said...

Twinkies aren't on a stick. Ho-hos and ding-dong's aren't available. Oreos are wonderful.

In any case, the fair has a long and venerable tradition of having deep fried food on a stick. Nobody holds a gun on people to force them to buy it.

Anonymous said...

I described the mac and cheese recipe to my husband, who said, "You had me at the bacon!"

Regarding the dental grills--my, oh my, the things I learn from this blog!

Regarding plastic surgery versus coloring gray hair, I think there is a difference--surgery is invasive, (relatively) permanent, and always a bit risky. And this is not for fixing something that is diseased or doesn't work, just to make it look more pleasing, or, often, to get more attention. I do think it's justified in some cases, i.e. a harelip, but that's a rare example. Coloring your hair (I do) is a bit vain, but easily reversed.

Anonymous said...

How about ineffectively disciplining children, as in "stop hitting your brother, stop hitting your brother, I said stop, please stop, stop it, I said please stop..." 50 times over without actually doing anything about it? That should be a sin and I see that about 1000 times a day everywhere I go.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody really, and I mean REALLY think that there is such a thing as "new sins"?

Are these things merely "new" to New Order Catholics?

Most importantly, are they new to God?

Anonymous said...

Paddy-you promised not to post here again...Is breaking your word a sin?
No sins are new there are just new ways to commit the same sins.
Plastic surgery for correcting problems is not a sin, for the purpose of vanity(pride) or making oneself lewd is.
Coloring your gray hair is not vain but part of taking care of yourself.
Suing someone for financial gain can be a sin of greed, but when a terrible wrong has happened then the suit can point out a situation where by others are saved.
Intent is the key, what was the intent of the action taken?
And Paddy, I was just kidding, see a sense of humor, the ability to laugh at oneself, is a gift from God. He gave us life for us to enjoy it. Have a Blessed Easter, celebrate with a fried oreo if you want.

jesusfreak70x7 said...

Text messaging is a sin! You send me a text message, now I have to stop what I'm doing, find my glasses and put them on to read the tiny text. I have started saying Hail Mary's to help me past the frustration of wanting to yell -- you have the phone in your hand, why not just call me, you KNOW I can barely see those things! Stop texting me!!!! Pray instead!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jesus Freak
I had texting blocked from my phone. It is very freeing. God Bless

Tracy said...

The things you learn on SMM...Last year Happy Catholic said that walking into her pantry during Lent made her automatically think,"Bless me Father for I have sinned..."

Anonymous said...

Something that old papists like myself have experienced during the past nearly half century is the rise and rise of the New Order Catholic which is of course a "product" of the New Order Church.

The first thing that had to go was the concept of sin and "the four last things"

Above all, the most important "notion" that had to be buried was the concept of "sins against the Immaculate Heart of Mary."

Now there is something for New Roman Catholics to ponder this holy week.

Incidentally, I will comment on this blog as long as I am allowed. We are not meant to hide our light under a bushel! We papists have a duty as soldiers of Christ (real confirmation - not the New Order "confirmation") to stand up for the True Catholic Faith of the Apostles.

I am already barred from American Papist(ry) which is an honour. These New Roman Catholic "theologians" are so sensitive!

I will have something to say about the new sin mentioned above on a new post for anyone who is interested.

Benedict 16 and JP2 are the chief sinners in this regard by trying to consign the message of Fatima and the third secret to the past.

Anonymous said...

Sr., I'd like to add dissing the pope to your list!

Sarah - Kala said...

Paddy, with all due respect, you are fine to comment, but your comments are loaded with you looking down your nose at Roman Catholics "of the new order". It's rather smug. Rather offending to me. Stop judging us or consigning us to judgement because you believe you are a Papist. I have looked over your blog out of curiousity. I'm a convert - and proud to be Catholic. I do follow the commandments, and I'm a harsher critic of myself than I probably need to be, so it's rather off putting to read your comments that whatever I am doing as a RC is pretty much useless.

The blessing of the Church is that we don't have to believe or act upon any of the Visionary Visions and Revelations. We can skip it. I liked reading The Diary, but I don't really care for the Divine Mercy Devotion that much. I happen to love the Rosary very much (I even make them for missions), but I do not have to do either of them.

What you have to say interests me to a point, but when you come off all snobbish about it, well, I think you aren't very nice. And, I know you'll probably respond that it's your "duty" to inform those of us of the "truth" and you don't care who you offend. But, you must tell these things with LOVE.


Anonymous said...

Papist, I have no idea what you are talking about

Karina Fabian said...

How about yelling across the house to ask your mother to do something you're perfectly capable of doing yourself? No matter how often I yell back, "You got 2 legs and my permission!" it never seems to stick.

Love your blog. I'm bookmarking it today.



Karina Fabian said...

How about asking questions that are already answered in a document or e-mail you've been given. Repeatedly.

Bane of my life.

Anonymous said...

Can we just declare ALL of Prime Time TV a sin and be done?

I'm sure there's something on there worthy of watching, I just haven't found it yet.

Katy said...

Paddy... I thought you were going to stop your sede vacantist posting here? Can't you keep your word?

You guys give Traditionalists a bad name (not that Bishop Fellay needed any help from you.)

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that Nancy Grace made it on your list.

Anonymous said...

"I promised 'babybreederbabe' that I would not comment on this blog anymore and this is indeed my last comment."
Paddy this is YOUR comment, apparently you are NOT honest.

Anonymous said...

Trolling is a new sin.


Of course, being aware of the nature of sin, Trolling could easily be traced back to the seven deadlies,and we all know where they came from. Trolling has a lot to do with idleness, sloth; and pridefulness. It could even be traced to greed; being greedy for recognition. And trolling could be traced to jealousy, in that one might be jealous of another who is teaching Truth, and hence try to diminish said person's veracity via various trolls.

Trolling in Catholic venues is often done by those who reject Vatican II and every Pope since then. One might argue with them, however the argument always ends on the issue of Faith.

I take Sister Lucia, one of the Fatima visionaries as a wonderful example of how to remain true to the Church. Watch how trolls attack her holy and unrelenting commitment to the Catholic Church, and keep record. It is always very telling.

To keep this brief, Trolling is a sin. And when done against the Catholic Church, it is a mortal sin.

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Mass was instituted by Jesus Christ on this day 2008 years ago.

Without this bread from heaven it is impossible to enter the kingdom of heaven.

It can be proven that at the new mass instituted by the freemasons on April 3 1969, which is the one that most Roman Catholics consider to be the mass, bread and wine remain bread and wine.

Maybe some of you New Order Roman Catholics would like to prove otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Actually Paddy, no we wouldn't.

Your free to believe as you wish, it is one of God's greatest gifts to you, to use your free will as you desire.

As I mentioned before, I prefer the example of Sr. Lucia, who chose complete obedience on the counsel of our Blessed Mother; and who remained faithful to the Church and all of its Pontiffs until her recent death.

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Fr. Ken I am not free to believe as I wish. I believe in God and I believe in the papacy.

The real presence is real whether I believe or not.

If you bake a cake it makes no difference whether I believe it to be a cake or not.

As a priest you should be able to prove what you claim to believe.

Anonymous said...

Paddy, I've been keeping my mouth shut, and my fingers off the keys... BUUUUUT... if everybody who had a beef with the Church left it, where would the Church be? Isn't that the mistake Martin Luther and Henvy VIII made? Where did it get them, and where did it get the English and the Germans?

Part of the essence of Catholicism is to OBEY the Pope, even when they make mistakes. God will sort it all out in good time. In the meantime I will continue to go to Mass and say my Rosary twice a day... on my knees like God intended.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lawrence,
well said. It is not only "part of the essence of Catholicism" to OBEY the pope, but since the declaration of the dogma of infallibility by Pope Pius IX this duty of obedience is even more pressing than before.

Pope Pius IX had very good reasons to declare this dogma and we can believe that it was the promptings of the Holy Ghost that persuaded him to call Vatican Council One - an infallible council. If you read any of my "scribblings" you will realise that I believe in the papacy. This doctrine applies to all Catholics including succeeding popes and as I said more than once, he has raised the faith bar for all of us.

The Vatican Two church makes it clear that it is a counter-church and in effect sins against the Holy Spirit by denying previous infallible teachings. Is this the church you wish to belong to?

It breaks the first commandment and your present "pope" approves this.
Choose the church of the sheep or the church of the goats.

Sarah - Kala said...

The Vatican Two church makes it clear that it is a counter-church and in effect sins against the Holy Spirit by denying previous infallible teachings. Is this the church you wish to belong to?

How so, if you will CLEARLY explain yourself. I cannot understand your reasoning in this. Where is the proof? Where are the documents?

Again, by choosing between the two Catholic Churches (as you clearly are saying there are two), you state it so supremely snooty and judgementally (like, you have cornered the market on the Truth), I can't stand it. Get off your high horse and speak LOVINGLY and it might help to link on where you get your information.

It seems to me you are here to piss everyone off rather than acting in sincere love for us.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Paddy, you're completely whacked.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you all and I am sorry for offending any of you.

To put it at its simplest, I was baptised into "hard church" while most of you, excepting Sister Mary Martha (for one), were more than likely baptised into "easy church" This church is New. Even its sacraments are new.

I believe in the pope!

Lets leave it at that for now.

Happy Easter to you all and you are all welcome to "diss" my scribblings on paddythepapist.

I promise to publish them if they are not offensive to others. You are welcome to offend me as much as you like. And please do.

In fact I will publish anything you want not as a comment but as an "article" and it can be as long as needed.

We are all supposedly, part of the same Mystical Body. We have a duty to each other and we owe it to our Head - Jesus Christ to be one, as He and His heavenly Father are one.

Remember also He said I give you peace not as the world gives it.

"Enjoy" you Easter Sunday mass. Here on the island of Saints and scholars I have no mass to go to.

In my "hard church" missing mass on Sunday is a sin.

Sarah - Kala said...

I believe the "easy church" (as you state it) still issues that missing Mass on Sunday is a sin. That would be a sin against God and the Church.

As a family, we attend all the Holy Week services, as I think all should. There should be no "well, if we can make it" . . . Christ should always be our priority. Just because the Church allows us to judge our attendance, doesn't mean we ought to choose not to go. I believe the Church wants us to ACT like adults and to desire to be there even when it's not a requirement. Out of charity, we must only pray for those who choose otherwise. The Lord will not force anyone to love Him. It wouldn't hurt anyone to dig a little deeper and just find out how committed we are to the Lord. This does, in fact, include me.

Happy Easter to all! May Our Lady keep you under her most beloved mantle.

Anonymous said...

Paddy, I too was born into the hard Church, and spent many, many summer mornings as a boy serving the 6:30 am Latin Mass. I miss it tremendously.

Anonymous said...

Paddy, I too was born into the hard Church, and spent many, many summer mornings as a boy serving the 6:30 am Latin Mass. I miss it tremendously.

Anonymous said...

These comments seem to have gotten off topic... I thought this was about new sins, not the validity of the Eucharist, or the Pope's authority! I think getting horribly off topic, and intentionaly leading people astray is a sin!! We were talking about the ways our modern world has made it easier to sin against Christ! Shouldn't we keep talking about that?

Anonymous said...

I also think it is a sin to talk and not listen. Perhaps Paddy would like to open his own blog to anyone who would like to post comments instead of keeping comments limited to ones he has approved. By-the-way, there are no comments on his blog.... listen and you just might hear the words of Christ.

Thank-you Sr.MM for keeping your blog open to all.


PaedragGaidin said...

While I am tempted to say "willfully disregarding subway etiquette on the subway," I will resist that temptation and instead go with:

Wasting food, as in going to a restaurant and ordering some big dish and then only eating a little of it because you didn't like it, weren't that hungry, etc., and not bothering to take the uneaten portions home for you or someone else to eat. It especially bothers me when I see parents buying their kids giant meals (like a 16 oz. steak...what kind of kid needs a 16 oz. steak, I ask you) which then are barely eaten at all, the vast majority of it being left for the waitstaff to throw away. Meanwhile, there are people without enough to eat all over the world who would do anything for that steak.

Anonymous said...

Please feel free to make any comment whatever on my "internet scribblings" and I will remove comment moderation right away.

Happy Easter to all. For what it is worth, paddy the papist having been off the drink for lent drank too much last night.

Another sin. Now I have to find an old priest, ordained according to the rites of the Roman Catholic Church who can absolve me from my sins in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Forgive me for being so uncharitable to all of you. It has taken me half a century to get to where I am ( the road to hell you might say.)I should not expect any different reaction from all of you good willed New Roman Catholics.

I do not mean New Roman Catholics as a form of insult. I have deliberately excommunicated myself from this New Church with its seven new sacraments.

Yes indeed, thanks to Sister Mary Martha for her tolerance and I suspect she has an idea of what I am talking about.

Better a millstone tied to my neck and be cast to the bottom of the sea?

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Sister! Hope it's a blessed one.
And a Happy Easter to everyone else as well!

Anonymous said...

I pray you are having a happy Easter Sister but since we haven't heard from you in so long I'm worried.

Anonymous said...

It's a sin to have 100% more than what we need. To accumulate STUFF.
To have it just to have it.
It's not only a sin - but it drives the people we live with NUTS.

Liz said...

please post again soon sister!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Paddy for a bit of humility, and for opening your blog to comments. I too am in need of a good confessor. I think that it is the most ignored, feared, and mis-understood Sacrament of the Catholic Church (New and Old Order).


paddy the papist said...

Thank you for your comment anonymous.
Far be it from me to begins some kind of schism like a modern day Luther.

I did not leave the church but the church left me.

It is a completely new church.

It is a Roman Humanist church which has invented a "new age jesus".

Most of my life is behind me and I have to take my chances. I am placing all my trust in Mary the Immaculate Queen of all the angels and saints.

Sister Mary Martha is talking about Easter eggs. This Easter Monday morning I am placing all my Easter eggs in one "basket". I will not be placing any bets on the Irish Grand National which takes place today.

No, I am placing all my bets on the Blessed Virgin Mary. The time for talking is over. From this day on, paddy the papist will do nothing publicly except promote devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary - the devotion for the last days of the world.

Somehow, I suspect that you too may be a true devotee.

God bless you and keep you in the true faith.

Leigh said...

a few more sins...

--Half-hearted church participation:
Genuflection requires that you
lower yourself, on one knee, to the ground. Curtsies, knee twitches,
and leg stretches do not count. The disabled and elderly get a pass, apparently.

When bowing to the alter or before the Blessed Sacrament, try to make it appear as more than a flinch to your annoying neighbor or a distant acquaintance on the street.

When blessing yourself before the Gospel of the Word, you are reminding yourself to keep the Word in your mind, on your lips, and in your heart. I’m not sure that making the gesture on your temple, your nose, and on your shoulder blade makes the same point. Is it really that hard to locate your forehead, lips, and the general location of your heart?

--Prayer slacking:
Unless you are younger than five, learn the prayers of our faith. Don’t lip sync your way through and hope that your pew neighbor’s loud voice obscures your lack of participation. Avoid whining about the Nicene Creed taking too long to recite. The Apostles Creed works but it is the Reader’s Digest version, friends.

Try to recite prayers with more enthusiasm than what which you would give to a chore list. Somehow, “Hosanna in the highest” loses its impact when you’re also wiping your kid’s nose or mentally compiling your grocery list. Don’t think people notice your prayer distraction? They do. More importantly, God notices.

--Bad church etiquette:
Avoid club wear to Mass. I doubt God cares how hot you are. Save the low-rise jeans, skin tight tops, and micro-mini’s for a location other than church.

Have your kids change out of their sports uniforms for Mass. Unless it’s a dire hardship to go home and change, just wear street clothes. Somehow, hobbling to receive Communion on soccer cleats doesn’t seem particularly reverent.

Wait until Mass has ended before assembling coats, hats, mittens, scarves, electronic devices, snacks, children’s books and all the rest of it. FYI: Mass isn’t over as soon as you’ve received Communion. Who knew?

It’s probably not a great idea to flip the Body of Christ around on your tongue like a lifesaver. Think about what’s in your mouth. It’s not bubble gum and it’s not an after-dinner mint.

Anonymous said...

Well said Leigh,

it is good to see you remind people about all these things.

The big question is how did all this become necessary?

The church you talk about is a completely new church. It is not called Novus Ordo for nothing. The true church is in eclipse just as Our Lady told us at La Salette.

The great punishment from heaven became visible from 1960 onwards. Why did Jesus Christ ask whether He would find faith on earth when He returns?

Why is it that a Novus Ordo priest like Father Ken can not even defend transubstantiation?

The Apostles Creed is just what it says, the Creed composed by the twelve apostles. Because of the efforts of the "murderer and father of lies" the church will always have heretics who will attack the tenets of the faith.

Any creed that departs from the original is not valid. This is a good example of Catholic dogma and the fact that it cannot be changed by anyone.

Never forget the lesson for all of us that is Judas.

As the church got bigger the true priests would increase and multiply but so also would the Judas Priests.

If you want to know about some other new sins please consider the sins against the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Not to mention the sins against the first commandment.

There is more on paddythepapist for what it is worth.

Anonymous said...


I signed my name - Alison - sorry I am new to this whole blog thing, and I don't know how else to post a comment, or time to figure it out.

I will say that I am a supporter of the Latin Mass. I have attended several, and was overjoyed by the absence of many things listed in the post by Leigh. I was also overjoyed by the confession line that ran the length of the church twice over. There is something to be said for attending the Mass in a language other then our common everyday one. I often use the Latin for the Our Father, Creed etc. It makes me stop and think about what I am saying. Words are powerful.

As for Mary. She saved my life. I would be lost beyond all measure if it were not for her love. I inherited a Miraculous Medal in 1990 and have worn it allmost everyday since (the chain breaks).

I think your call to people to be true to the Church is important, but I question you approach. I think you would find more people willing to listen if you took a more compassionate approach. If no one listens, how will they be saved? I could walk out my door tommorrow morning, and tell my mother just what I think of her choices, but then she would never come to me again for advice, or ask to go to church with me. So I choose the moments when I will be heard, and I speak with compassion.


Anonymous said...

Dear Alison,

thanks for the reminder of my lack of compassion. Just think of me as a thick paddy who means well.

We are coming down drowning in compassion. But remember we are all supposed to be soldiers of Christ and we should be able for the blows.

Vatican Two church's confirmation "sacrament" is not the same as mine. We V One Catholics got a "slap" on the cheek.

Did Saints Peter and Paul break down in tears every time someone disagreed with them? And don't forget that they were all martyrs.

Read Saint Johns instructions for dealing with separated brethern and he was the "apostle of love" We are all too wrapped up in our feelings and not clued into our faith which is our real guiding light.

Anonymous said...

Paddy, my brother...Even the Lord himself gave it a rest on the seventh day. How about adopting a similar strategy for even a moment? Surely you can't be so fire-and-brimstone all of the time, can you? Last time I checked, Jesus himself took time to laugh, smile with children, and drink a little wine. So, for your own good if nothing else, lighten up just a little. The glass just might actually be half-full, my friend.

Leigh said...

Sister MM,

This post is completely about you. I couldn't resist. Sometimes, you just gotta laugh when you feel like crying the most.


P.S. I am praying for you. I lost my mother-in-law not yet two weeks ago after a protracted illness. She was like a true mother in so many ways ways. So, I think I understand. I think she would have loved you had I ever been able to get her to use a computer.

Prayers to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous, Leigh, Lawrence, Babybreederbabe, Fr Ken, "the boss"- sister Mary Martha and all who comment on this blog -
I get plenty of laughs in my job, home life, social life and more wine than I need.
Nobody so far has bothered to put me right either here or on my own web scribblings.
There is only one church through which we can be saved according to the Vatican One Church and according to the mother of God.

According to the Good Popes it is not even necessary to be Catholic.

The infallible popes and the new popes can not both be right.

But I suppose all you need is love. I was there for the start of the hippy church. It is a soft church, an easy laid-back church a metrosexual gay church.

The glass may be half full or half empty but it is still useless.

And we all have a duty to find and support the faithful priests who hold fast to the traditions as the apostles warned us.

Anonymous said...

Paddy, you're useless. Feel free to believe what you believe, but don't continue boring us with your schismatic rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous
I am indeed a useless servant and when I go to my particular judgement I can claim that I did try to reveal the long predicted church of darkness, predicted by no less than Saint Francis of Assisi for just one example.
meanwhile check out


Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.