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Friday, July 04, 2008

The Feast of St. Thomas

Happy Fourth of July. St. Thomas must be very happy you are celebrating his feastday. Please don't blow your fingers off.
--Sister Mary Martha


Anonymous said...

Not to be picky, Sister, but St. Thomas was yesterday, July 3. Today is St. Catherine of Siena.

Anonymous said...

My comment hasn't gone up yet, but I meant Elizabeth of Portugal. I have no idea how I got them confused.

Tienne said...

Happy 4th, Sister! Thanks for that supremely awesome link!

Anonymous said...

It's also the feast day of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati :)

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I'm so confused. Who's feast day is it?

Anonymous said...

We’re coming up on the feast of St. Maria Goretti, who died defending herself from rape. Here is a description of how she died and after death converted her attacker:


And here is a story I like to think of as “The Avengers of Maria Goretti:”


This was widely covered at the time but no one commented on the connection with St. Maria Goretti’s story. I wonder whether the girls from the school named for her, knew how she’d died.

robin ann mcintosh said...

great site!! happy fourth : )

PaedragGaidin said...

Sister, I hope you don't mind my asking a question here, but I have a saintly question of my own, regarding my favorite saint, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Do you know anything about Our Lady of the Airways? There is a Catholic chapel in Boston's Logan Airport (run by the Archdiocese, so I am assuming it's legit) with that name, and another in the Toronto area. I haven't been able to find anything about her on the Internet.

Thank you!

Patrick Hayes