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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Corporate Ladder to Heaven

I've been stuck at entry level in my job for four years despite trying my best - and asking St. Joseph and St. JoseMarie 

I can accept no for an answer. Would praying for a visible sign in this case be evil?

I imagine that the visible sign would be a promotion? You haven't mentioned that you'd like a whole different job. 

St. JoseMaria Escriva is the patron saint of diabetics, not that he wouldn't help you. He certainly was a highly motivated individual.  St. Joseph, although he is the patron saint of workers, was a humble man who accepted his lot in life.

If you're striving to get out of your entry level job, you need a patron saint who climbed up the ladder through the stained glass ceiling. I recommend a person who did that, and ended up  in the greatest job in the world for a very, very long time.

Pope John Paul II, now Blessed John Paul II.  Did we all watch his ceremony on EWTN?  I did!  

In Step Two in the canonization process, after much vetting and proving that the person possessed heroic virtue (not run of the mill virtue), having been declared "Venerable" (worthy of veneration), the candidate is declared "Blessed" when one miracle has been proved.

You may recall that Pope John Paul II had Parkinson's Disease.  It seems there was a nun who had a severe and fast moving case and the moment Pope John Paul II passed on to his Heavenly reward, her whole convent began praying for his intercession with the dual goal of her cure and his sainthood.

These miracles are nothing to sneeze at.  There can't be any guessing, any, "well...she seems a little better today".  Instantaneous and unexplained.  That's the criteria.  Sister Marie Simon-Pierre went to sleep one night with  severe Parkinson's and the next morning she was reborn (her words).

Sister Marie Simon-Pierre was on hand for the ceremony, which begins with a night long vigil.  A very snappily dressed Italian woman with big hair was the hostess who interviewed people who had known the Pope.  Sister Marie Simon-Pierre told her story and her whole convent (the Congregation of the Catholic Maternity Wards from France) was in the audience.  Sister Simon-Pierre woke up one morning two months after the death of the Pope, cured. She could walk and talk normally, write, drive!  

What a night!  I meant the ceremony...but really, that night of being cured in her sleep, too.

She says Blessed John Paul II is with her every day, and will be through out her life.  

He'll help you, too!

I don't think it's evil to ask for a sign. The question is, will you know it when it comes?


Muffy's Marks said...

Wow, Sr. Marie Simon-Pierre had a really shakey experience.

Anonymous said...

Sister, what's your take on May 21 being the end of the world?

Laura said...

Sister, I love your take on JPII and this question of employment.

Lucinda Marrs said...

My husband has Parkinson's disease. He says he is ready to be the second miracle! Even if there is no miracle in our case, JP II's example is a great strength to both of us.