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Monday, June 06, 2011

Dream a Little Dream

Hi sister Martha, today was  a very hard day for me and I cried a lot and then went to sleep a little because of the headache caused by crying.  I don't remember much, but I saw the Infant of Prague. I never saw a picture of him but then I searched for it in google and there I find that it was him...Can you please help me with this dream!!!As soon as I saw him in my dream I began the 9 hours novena...

I think I can help you with this dream, although it's very uneven ground on which to tread. Dream research is one of my little hobbies.  Have a look:

Dream On

Pot Roast with Peas and Carrots.  (not a recipe)

We can't say for certain that the Infant of Prague was visiting you in a dream, so let's not say that.  Some people are visited in dreams with important messages, like St. Joseph. But since you didn't get any message from the Infant of Prague, it's more likely your own brain is trying to tell you something.

Having read my previous ramblings on the subject, you now know that your dream is dealing with something immediate. In order for us to figure that out, you've left out some very pertinent information. I will not ask you to supply any details, but clearly you have had something enormous on your mind. And your mind brought you an image of the Infant of Prague.

The big question here is that you didn't seem to know anything about the Infant of Prague to start with.  So how in the world did you end up finding his picture?

Recently,  I was looking for a picture of a saint that I had seen. I couldn't remember where I had seen the picture, but it showed the saint with what looked like another person locked into some sort of cage made out of a fish.  I was trying to find out what was going on with the person in the fish cage. I thought perhaps the saint was one of those people who visited people in prison and maybe the fish cage was some artist's rendition of a person imprisoned for being a Christian, as a fish was a not so secret code for followers of Christ.

But I could not remember the saint's name and I searched forever to no avail.  "Saint with fish"    "Saint with cage"  "Saint at prison"  "Saint with person in a fish cage"   Hopeless. 

I finally remembered where I had seen the picture in the first place. Over at the shop, someone had asked for the patron saint of candy makers.  Yes, there really is a patron saint for everything.  St. Macarius was the patron saint of candy makers. He gave up his lucrative candy making business to trudge off to the desert and become a follower of Christ.  It's not a person in a fish cage.  It's a really odd rendition of an angel. He's with a Seraph, no doubt come to comfort Macarius in the desert.

That or it's a Treat or Treater, delighted to have found a the mother lode.

I'm joking.  It's an angel. Maybe a Cherub, according to some.

My point is, without knowing who was in the picture in the first place, I never would have found it.

There are lots and lots of depictions of the Infant Jesus. The Holy Infant of Good Health (pictured here...in red) looks pretty much just like the Infant of Prague.  The Infant of Prague, although he changes his outfits to match whatever the priest is wearing on any given day, is best known in red.  Was he in red?  That would be the big tip off.  If you do any search for the Infant Jesus, the first thing you'll see are dozens of depictions of the Infant of Prague. 

I'll bet you've seen the Infant of Prague in your travels, or something that looks a lot like the Infant of Prague. Of all the depictions of the Baby Jesus, he's the most famous.

So, during a time of crisis, you saw this image that you didn't know anything about. The Infant of Prague in your dream didn't come with a message for you, unless the message was "Who am I?  Do a Google search!"  So this is your brain, bringing you an image of the Baby Jesus.  That means you'll have to ask yourself "what does the image of the Baby Jesus mean to me?"

A good place to start would be to think about why we have a devotion to the Infant Jesus.  It begins as soon as Jesus is born, a celebration of the Good News He brings and an acknowledgement that Jesus is fully human.  We join the shepherds and the men from the East as we ponder the Child Jesus living a a loving home with the protection of his mother and father.  


Shannon Broerman said...

Sister, I love reading your blog! Since you mentioned your little hobby about dreams, I was wondering if you could tell me something about one that I had a couple weekends ago. In this dream, our Holy Father(yes, the Pope)walked up to me. Sitting, I looked up at him with tears pouring down my face and said to him, "Holy Father please help me, I want to be a nun." He automatically responded "You will be" then gently kissed me on the forehead.

Any ideas, or pretty self-explanatory?

notanillusion said...

Hi Sister!

I know how you like Patron Saint matching, so here's one for you:

I'm getting ready to move to a new apartment at the beginning of July. I am not a tidy person by nature, and my current apartment got into a very sorry state that took a very long time to try and set right. I don't want this to happen in my new place! To what patron saint(s) could I pray for intercession to help me stay motivated and better organized in my new home? I'm even thinking about getting a medal or icon to keep somewhere where I'd see it all the time to help me remember to keep at it.

Thanks for your help! :)

Anonymous said...

There's a lovely statue in our Catholic books and gifts store of the Kitchen Madonna. It's our Lady with a broom in hand. I should get one for my new home... as my apartment is a bit of a mess, and I am moving at the end of the month, too!