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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Thank Heaven For Little Girls

The list of how not to name your baby grows ever longer. The newest entry for your consideration is to also consider what you have named other children and make sure the new baby's name does not rhyme with the old baby's name so you don't find yourself introducing your children someday by saying, "This is Huey and Louie, Kimmy and Timmy."

I think it deserves a place on the list.

Meanwhile this website came across my eyeballs. Not only are the name suggestions kind of hard to take (for me, because there isn't one saint in there), but the comments section made me want to remove my head and set it in my lap for a while. The names are to your right and if you click on the picture it takes you to the next pretend name. Enjoy. Or cringe.

The picture of that cuter than cute little girl in a tutu reminded me of another article I read recently that I found rather surprising and wonderful. And wonderfully surprising.

I plead guilty.  But I also agree. Although the author needs to put some clothes on.

Since I've given you a lot to digest, I'll leave you to discuss.

Also, we have a lot to discuss about what the new Pope has had to say. Maybe we'll pay him and his pronouncements a visit next week.


Monica said...

My neighbor has a daughter named 'Sena'which is short for senator, (her full name). They named her this so when she goes to a restaurant they'll say "table for Senator" and people will treat her better. Or something.

Marion Teague said...

That's funny, but sad, Monica! Rather like calling boys Earl or Duke. Delusions of grandeur? My children complain we gave them boring names. No we gave them good, traditional classless names. Saints' names. Hopefully they will appreciate it one day.

Wendy said...

My husband is a teacher so he gets a sampling. Another rule: nothing funny. He's taught THREE different Candy Kanes (with various spellings) over the years.

We've also known a Princess and a Milady and a variety of kids who were named nicknames. Kimmy is a fine thing to call your child, but as their legal name when they are 50...not so much.

denise said...

In my local paper there was a birth announcement for a girl whose first and middle names are "Penny Lane."

dre said...

I always felt sorry for the Hoots children, Sweetpea and Huckleberry...and for Harry, whose last name was Bun. Another Harry had the surname Goon. At least with those boys, I think their parents weren't fluent in English...I'll also say that when I contact a parent whose name is Sunshyne or Rainbow...well, it may be a stereotype...but I can imagine the sort of parenting skills they might (not) have...

Anonymous said...

SMM- Why was St. Jude the patron saint of lost causes? It doesn't really say. I linked to you in my post about St. Jude, so if you answer me, can I blog what you say about him as well? Thanks.

denise said...

My father was named Herbie because Herbert is too grown up a name for a little baby.