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Monday, August 05, 2013

Salt of the Earth

Hello Sister, I'm not sure if I submitted my question properly or in the right place some days ago so I thought I'd give it another go. I recently obtained some salt blessed as a sacramental by a priest, and I want to know how it should be used. I can't imagine putting it in a salt shaker on the table, but I've read that some people do that. Is that proper? Or do you have other suggestions for how I might use the salt respectfully? Thanks! A faithful reader

Thanks for being a faithful reader!  Don't put your salt in a salt shaker on the table. You can do that with it, but you might get it confused with the table salt. Or maybe you could get something like this.

Given that people put their blessed salt in sandwich bags and mint tins and candy boxes, the problem isn't with the salt shaker, it's only with not realizing you're putting blessed salt on your hamburger.

It's actually okay to put blessed salt on your hamburger, by the way. As long as you know you're doing it. 

So what's the deal with blessed salt? Is it like having magic beans and a voodoo doll? No.  The salt has no power. Remember when Jesus put mud in a blind man's eye?  Did the mud heal that guy? No. Jesus did. The salt is the same way. Once it's blessed it brings with the power of Jesus through your faith in Him.

Or think of it this way: does the American flag have power? No. Yes.  It has power only through your belief in the country for which it stands. And thank goodness the Pledge of Alliance is stated with good grammar.

So what can you do with your salt?

 Drive out the those neighbors with the yard full of pit bulls who blast heavy metal all day, for one. Yes! I've heard several stories of people who sprinkled blessed salt all around their property, or down the common area of their apartment building, across their own threshold and wherever else they could think to sprinkle it, and next thing they knew the horrifying neighbors were gone.

Ward off the devil.

You can sprinkle it around the house to prevent burglary.

Put a few grains in what you eat or drink for good physical health and/or spiritual health.

You can use it in your car for safety. You could sprinkle it out the car window at a dangerous intersection.

You can use it to break bad habits, too.

Don't worry about a blessed salt mess. Your not supposed to dump salt all over, like you would with boric acid to get rid of fleas.  You just use a few grains everywhere. That way, by the time you vacuum, you won't have to worry about sucking up a lot of blessed salt in your vacuum cleaner bags and how you're going to dispose of  the bag now that it's become a blessed object.


Anonymous said...

Where can I get some?

Maureen said...

Do they still put salt on babies' ioiItongues at Baptism? -it was supposed to give the child a taste for spiritual matters.
It wasn't done, though, when my youngest grandchildren were baptised, maybe salt isn't good for infants.
Interesting post!
My mother used to sprinkle it over her left shoulder three times to ward off bad luck.