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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Peace of Cake

Aren't you amazed and grateful? I mean more than you normally are given the beautiful and astonishing world in which we live?.  Everyone got together in a stated place and time and prayed for peace and, oh lookey, here! Crisis averted.

I know things in Syria are still terrible and the world is not at peace, but we were facing a really extra big mess and we've gone down from a flood to a wet carpet. At least for now. People who would have been killed will live.

You did that.  Just another day in Heaven.

Have cake. You deserve it.

Don't get sad because you did that together and the world didn't pay attention to what actually happened to turn the tide. You know how people are always complaining about the ornate decor in the Catholic Church and how the Jesus said not to make a show of your prayers? Besides the fact that I believe people who fell that way are totally missing the point and the context in which Jesus was speaking, this is one of those times when we can sit back with our fingers laced with our hands behind our heads and say, "We prayed away some violence in the world and no one noticed us doing it." How's that for not making a show?

I'll be calling on you very shortly to get out your prayer shawls, collectively, because I have a friend in need.

But until then, rejoice! Your faith has saved you.


Nily said...

Oh, St.Robt. Bellarmine, and I guess he had two feet.

Donna. W said...

I too have a friend in need, and he's a Catholic. My cousin's husband has cancer that has spread and he can't force himself to eat anything. I know this is how cancer goes, but I want some sort of miracle for Russ, even if it's only peace of mind for he and his wife (my cousin).

a womens heart for god said...

Dear SMM, this isn't the proper place for a question but I wasn't sure where, this is a biggy,would you be able to explain the Holy Spirit? Thankyou, love your blog, Allison from Australia.9