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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Turn On

Every so often we get one of those questions that is, as the kids say, "Off the chain".    This has to be one of my all time favorites. What causes a question to be beloved? How much fun it is to answer.

Why is prayer so important?

A gem.

Note that the reader did not ask  if prayers "work" or  "how prayers work".  The reader used the word "important".  So important!

Important: marked by significant worth.  Valuable in content or relationship.

Prayers are marked by significant worth and they are valuable in content and relationship.  And the question is, why?

So imagine this, dear reader. Imagine that you're watching television. While you're doing that you're connected to the material you are watching.

When you turn the TV off,  all of that goes away, as though it does not exist.

But it does. All of those signals and pixels are flying around ceaselessly, whether you choose to join in or not.  Connect or not. The TV signals go on and on and on.

So you can connect to God or not. He is always there, ceaselessly. Prayer connects you to God. That's why it's important.

It's not rocket science.


Donna. W said...

Another post that is worthy to be shared on Facebook. And thanks, by the way. I won't be skipping my prayers in the morning.

janina said...

What a perfect analogy! Thanks, Sister!

Anonymous said...

Morning sister. Question: Do people pray to St Paul ever to intercede for them? Also, he didn't seem to like women much - a bit off putting :) However I do understand that much of what we believe comes from his inspired writings

Kathy (not the other one) said...

Here's the problem I've had with prayer lately: If God loves me and is going to do what's best for me, regardless--which I don't doubt--then who am I to try to direct God's actions or tell Him what to do? Why pray, "Please don't let my mother die of cancer" (or whatever) because God's going to do what's God's going to do in something like that, whether I ask Him or not. And even praying something like, "Help my mother in her journey through this illness"...well, God's going to do that without my asking, if only my mother will see the help is available and take God up on it. Meditation, prayers of praise...that's different. But what we so often call prayer, where we're asking something of God, even very good things, seem almost disrespectful, like we're questioning His divine will and plan.