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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off

Hello Sister. Is there a patron saint to help me get over a man?

Of course there is.

There is also time, keeping busy and the Corporal Works of Mercy, although you might want to skip "Bury the Dead" unless you sing in the church choir for funerals.

But patron saints always abound. 

Let me digress for a moment and mention that I always get help from saints. Where I'm sometimes not sure if my own prayers have been answered (given that it's sometimes not the answer we want or like or even notice), I am always sure of the thump of aide landing at my feet when I ask a saint to pray for me.

Now, you may recall that I have in the past asked you all to pray at a specific time for some reason, so that we are praying together. And I have the same thump of an answer from that. So, I have to wonder, if once I ask a saint to pray for me, if that saint hasn't gone around to his saintly pals in Heaven and done something like that.

Maybe it's silly of me. But I do think about things like that.

I also think about this type of thing. (Of course it was the graphic that drew my attention.)

There. I've finished digressing.

Onto your patron saints!

Let's start with St. Helena, who I think of as the patron saint of dump--ees.  St. Helena was colossally dumped by her husband the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Happily for her, she had a son. When her husband dumped her for the younger trophy wife model, she went sadly away.

But when her ex went to where the woodbine twineth, Helena's son rose to the throne. From that point on, she lived a life of which women today would be envious. While her son Constantine established Christianity as the religion of most of the known world, she traveled freely and became an archaeologist (if by "archaeologist" you mean someone who finds major relics by being shown where to dig in dreams).  She discovered the true relics of the Cross, the nails, the scrounging post, etc.  Did she come up with Jesus' birthplace? I think so. I'l have to look that up.

So, while she feels your pain, she also sees how great life can turn out once you get past it.

Then I might also recommend St. Rita who, after a rather unhappy marriage, was able to finally requite her one true love and get married. To Jesus.   It's what she had always wanted in the first place. 

I wonder which patron saint these women might have turned to?  St. Helena was around before the whole idea of patron saintage was really going strong.  But St. Rita may have had some saints she felt comfortable calling on for help.  I'll bet it was maybe a virgin martyr or two. St. Cecilia, perhaps, or St. Agnes or Lucy.  

None of these women had life of moonbeams and stardust. But they found great joy and fulfillment in their lives, which is what we hope for you.


Nily said...

None today, I don't think. So glad you're back - afraid you were sick!

Marion Teague said...

"Scrounging post" - love it! :-D

Grace said...

I read your blog, and I feel like you would really like this to post! You have to listen and like/share this video!! This girl is a 21 year old New York Fashion student, and she isn't even a singer but felt God's love so much she just decided to get up in front of us (her new church group) and sing. The song is a cover of Spoken by Mercy Me. Its Live so she had a few mess ups but it honestly is one of the most amazing powerful songs/voices I have ever seen or heard!!! Please Listen and share with everyone!! It's s awesome to see young women on fire with God, especially in the fashion industry and new york, so inspiring!! Her heart is definitely Spoken for.

Maureen said...

When I was at school, the nuns used to say "Dear children, never run after a bus or a man - there will be another one along in a few minutes"

Anonymous said...

Hello, Sister Mary Martha. I love the no-nonsense kindness with which you answer the questions put to you and, as an atheist, the grace with which you urge compassion for everyone, regardless of creed or lack thereof.

Although I don't believe in the next life, I truly believe that if people of good heart work together we can make this life a happier place, and to that end I try to make as much of a practical difference as I can to those in need (specifically I volunteer with the homeless and particularly those with mental health problems).

I don't have a particular question for you - I just wanted you to know that your obvious goodness goes beyond a specific faith. Some of my "guys and gals" at the shelter are religious, so if you could spare a prayer for them, I think that would be lovely.


rick allen said...

Sister, I always appreciate what you write.

One correction, if you don't mind: "her husband the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire."

By the "Holy Roman Empire" we usually mean the empire centered in northern Europe whose founding is attributed to Charlemagne, crowned emperor in Rome by the pope on Christmas Day, A.D. 800.

St. Helena's son Constantine ruled the no-adjective-added "Roman Empire"--though his moving its capital and naming it after himself ("Constantinople") justify some calling it the "Eastern Roman Empire," or the "Byzantine Empire," when Old Rome fell to the barbarians.

Natalie Anne said...

Thank you for this post. I needed to read this tonight. Please pray for me and a "lost love".