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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Story, Morning Glory

Just a quick note.
It's a morning glory. Here in California things don't die off. I think I read somewhere that some areas around here have passed laws not to plant these things. I know my neighbors would like to have me arrested at this point. This is an actual picture from our poor garden. There is a wall under there and a passion flower.

Ipomoea indica
oceanblue morning glory

Native to Florida

Oceanblue morning glory is just one of many (about 25) native and non-native morning glory vines in Florida (Wunderlin, 1998).It is a frequent native vine of disturbed sites throughout the state. It blooms all year. Oceanblue morning glory is located in AL, CA, FL, HI, LA, TX, and PR (Kartesz, 1999).

Ours actually don't bloom in the winter or grow too much. But they don't die off either.

I'm actually typing right now from underneath this vine. No, I'm not.

By tomorrow I will be.

I forgot to mention that this thing has actually grown into the house on several occasions. It's in the bathroom and the hallway. It came right through the roof. Once it came in through the bathroom window. (Didn't anybody tell you?)

Two more things:

1. We're having a big Mary sale for the whole month of May in our shop.
We'll be adding items every day!

2. If you get a moment, please drop by the Blogger's Choice Awards and cast your vote! You'll find lots of other reading material there, too.

We didn't know we were so competitive. Now Sister St. Aloysius is following our progress like a dog with a bone. Actually, more like a cat with a bug. A little fluttery bug. Perhaps she'll reward our voters with her brownie recipe.

Or perhaps I will....I found the book from whence it came.

Here is the poor buried passion flower being murdered by the morning glory. Plant violence is so quiet.


Anonymous said...

so you're a good photographer on top of everything else!

I grew up knowing about the morning glory growth patterns. In Washington state most things grow at that rate, and the whole environmentalist thing about not cutting down trees and letting things grow was incomprehensible to us, who were being smothered by blackberries, morning glories, and whatever else was growing. (and the slugs that lived underneath them.)

Anonymous said...

2,4-D will kill the morning glory
egg shells will keep slugs away

Sister Mary Martha said...

Oh, I all over the egg shell thing! That is one of the best tips I ever got from a garden magazine a few years back.

Motherhen said...

We planted morning glory at our old house and it climbed up the roof into the oak tree. We never could kill it. I wonder if I plant it by it's self far away, would it still try to take over the house?

Kitchen Madonna said...

Really sister, I didn't picture you on the Left Coast. No some colder, more penitential climate! My head is reeling at this revelation.

eastmoormom said...

i want to see a pic of you doing your wireless under your vine!! i'm surprised you are a west coaster also...something told me you were in NY .....

Anonymous said...

Didn't an earlier post place Sister in California with mid-western roots?

Anonymous said...

Around here people particially bury an old claw foot bath tub then place Mary's statue in it. I was never too sure Mary should be displayed in a bath tub.

Sister Mary Martha said...

You must be new here! Welcome! I've talked about our surroundings many times:

Kasia said...

I love morning glories. My sister tells me I'm nuts. Once I have a garden of my own, I will probably agree with her. But for now, I just love 'em!

Washington banana slugs, on the other hand, I would gladly never see again in my life.

Unknown said...

I can't help it...

"What's the story, morning glory? What's the word, hummingbird? Have you heard about Hugo and Kim?"


Anonymous said...

I have never heard the egg shell thing for slugs. I have heard of beer. If you put out beer in saucers, it will kill the slugs.

But aren't you afraid to attract rats if you put out egg shells? I had a rat problem at my last house. They loved my neighbor's compost heap. Then they discovered the birdseed in our shed. We had a lovely family of rats living under our front porch. Ugh. I can't stop shuddering from the memory. So now I don't like to put anything remotely resembling garbage in my garden.

Sorry, got a bit off topic. I just had to respond to the egg shell tip!

Etrangère said...

"Did they really get pinned?
Did she kiss him and cry?
Did he pin the pin on?
Or was he too shy?"