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Monday, February 04, 2008

Gone Tomorrow, Hair Today

To read today's post, you're going to have to scroll down under the top post "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow". I made some notes on Saturday, so the Blogger site here has pretended that I wrote and posted it on Saturday.

I think I'll keep doing this. I could get younger and younger.

Look for today's post: Saints Preserved by Us.


Maria said...

You could backadate your posts; Press the button that says 'options for posting' (or something of the sort, I only have the Norwegian version. It's right next to the labels-field). There you can edit the publication time, and the new post will come on the top of the page (granted you put a later time than the last post's publication time). Easy-peasy.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has long hair to lop off may want to consider donating it. You can look at the website locksoflove.org to find out more about it. They make wigs of real hair to give to children who are suffering from illness that cause hair loss. Basically, you need to be able to send them a 10 in. ponytail, and the hair can be permed or colored, but not highlighted.

Leigh said...

You can put this in the pile with all of the other blog awards you have received. But I figure earnest awards are like friends...can we ever have too many of them? As my son says, you're the BOM diggety, Sister. Translation: You're awesome.


Anonymous said...

Sister, I went out to vote today and did the same thing you told us Sister St. Aloysius had done (described in one of your previous blog entries). You said she very carefully studied the issues, selected her positions, and then left all her materials at home, so she had to rely on her memory for all the votes, as though this were an exam and one couldn't bring Cliff Notes.

Well, I did the same thing today. I marked up my sample ballot, then decided I didn't need to bring it with me to the polling place. I'm pretty sure I voted "yes" on some initiative I had meant to vote "no" on!

Anonymous said...


Who is the Patron Saint for those who are caregivers for the chronically ill ? I need some Divine Intervention before I pop my cork.