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Thursday, June 26, 2008

What? Who?

Not only did I wake up yesterday thinking it was Friday, and feeling like it was Friday all day, but I woke up again today thinking it was Friday. I know everyone has had something like this happen to them. You know what else happens to me once in a while? I'll think to myself, "Let's see, I have to be over at Church at 7pm and it takes me twenty minutes to get there, so I'd better, let's see, start getting out the door by...hmmm 7." Then all of the sudden, at about five minutes to seven, I realize the ridiculous mistake I've made. Happily for me odd phenomenon only occurs once every five years or so. It's very hard to explain why I'm late. Because I'm really stupid? Just last week I invited a lady over to watch the NBA playoffs while at the same time arranging for a ride across town for a seminar I had to attend on the same evening. I was thinking about what snacks to serve while figuring out what time I had to get ready to leave. Because I'm crazy? I guess it has been about five years since the last time, so I was due.

I wonder if tomorrow I will think it's Saturday. Maybe I will wake up every day for the rest of my life thinking it's Friday, like a person in a Twilight Zone episode.

At any rate, we pick up where we left off yesterday. Distraction.

What? Is that what we were talking about?

My second Rosary question: Does it count at all if I'm quite distracted through the Rosary? Like if I'm saying the prayers but more concerned with correcting my children's behavior or if I'm pre-occupied with worrying about the many things I fret over. Sometimes I get through with a mystery (many times) and I realize I did almost zero meditating on the mystery and instead I was worrying about how I'm going to pay the electric bill or something. Do I get any credit for these Rosaries or should I just give up those times and try again later?

It's probably just because there aren't any nuns anymore to wallop you upside the head when you drift.

I won't wallop you. Although I'd like to wallop you for thinking about the Rosary in terms of credit. That is such a big can of worms we may have to come back to that. If I can pay attention long enough.

Here's what I do understand about being distracted. We are, all of us, beset by schedules and worries, aches and pains, noises and odors, cats and dogs, birds chirping, squirrel clacking, the needs of others and Jehovah's Witnesses at the door. And God understands this. He did, after all, make the cats, dogs, birds and squirrels, and the Jehovah's Witnesses. God will always listen to you and forgive you no matter what. Do your best, that's all He asks.

Here's what I don't understand about being distracted. How would you feel if just about every time I talked to you I...

Wait, I have a phone call. "Hello! I'm so sorry about last week's game! I was going to make Boston Cream Pie! Yes, I still have the tape. Why don't you come by on Friday. When is Friday, by the way?"

...every time I wanted to spend some time with you, we would sit down and I would listen to you for a minute of two and then you tell me some things. Go on, tell me all about it...

gosh, how am I going to pay the electric bill. It's just out of this world! And it's only going to get worse, what with gas prices. I suppose I could just only buy a little gas instead of filling up. I just don't know how many places I can walk and still get all my errands done.

What? Your kid eloped with a Jehovah's Witness? Which kid? Yes, I heard you say which kid.

I really didn't. I was thinking that I have to pay that bill by Friday. Is it Friday yet?

I don't think we treat our friends this way. If we do, we won't have them very long. "That Sister Mary Martha," you'd all say, "I don't even bother talking to her anymore. What planet is she on?"

So how come everyone says they have this great relationship with God and love Him so much and can't seem to get through a conversation with Him?

Chew on that.
Yes, we're all distracted. But if we were as distracted as often as we are in prayer, we would never get anything done. There would be no one who could play Beethoven's piano sonatas or even try to learn to play them. There would be no Kevin Garnet, no Michael Jordan. There would be no such thing as a souffle or a skyscraper. There would be no Dog Whisperer.

Fear not! Help is on the way. I'm going to refer you to the experts. You met them yesterday. If you can pay attention long enough go back to their website. They have lessons posted on how to concentrate. We can talk about it tomorrow and I'll tell you my experience following their plan.

I will be able to give the matter my full attention, as I will no longer have to wonder if it's Friday.


Anonymous said...


I went to the website!! They have a beautiful little note about how they're leaving and won't be keeping the website up any longer.

Am I missing something? (I usually am.)

I gotta say that I feel so lazy just sitting and thinking on one specific thought. I know that sounds silly, but it almost seems idle. Rosary is difficult for me, to say the least.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sister -

I have also thought it was Friday every day this week! What is going on? Was it that weird full moon we had last week? I am so happy that tomorrow will finally REALLY be Friday.....

Anonymous said...

I tried the website and found the note about the discontinuation too! SMM, will you describe their lessons in concentration before you give your experience with it for those of us who weren't fortunate enough to get the teaching the first time around?

Anonymous said...

Distractions happen to everyone. They happen to some people even more than to others. All the brain-training and willpower in the world won't "cure" a person with ADD, for example. I wrote a post last month about distractions and prayer. I wrote it with people with ADD in mind, but I think it is good for everyone. Sister, if you would be so kind as to allow me a link, it's here.

Chris said...

Hi Sister,

You remind my of my brother. He asks us almost every day what day it is, and then doesn't believe us when we tell him.

Anyway, thanks for the tip about the secret In N Out orders. I had known already about the animal style fries (my brother likes them, I think they're disgusting), but I might have to try some of those other things. Actually, my dad is in Los Angeles right now, and he really likes your blog as well. I know this sounds weird, but he wants to know if he could bring you and your sisters In N Out burgers and maybe say hello. Of course, you don't have to if you don't want (that's just my dad), but he asked me to ask you.

God bless you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Sister,
I have to withdraw the "stop by and say hello" offer -- I've left LA now. I'll happily send you an In-and-Out gift certificate however or just give you rain a check. Please pray for us.

pelecypods said...

I have gone for the past week thinking everyday was Sunday.
Maybe there is a new virus going around making us think it is a differnt day than what it really is!
I am not catholic but enjoy reading your blog.

Taylor said...

It's Friday somewhere, right?! :)