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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Scariest Time of Year

I am so sorry for my week long absence!  As faithful readers know, Halloween is very busy around here. I do the leg work and Sister St. Aloysius does the sewing.  Sister Mary Fiacre needs a little more care these days, and the whole house is covered in rick rack and snippets of thread.  We haven't had time to even think about putting up a few little outdoor decorations. I am partial to those fake cobwebs. Sometimes it comes with plastic spiders to stick in there.

I thought I'd better get to this timely question, so it got moved to the top of the queue. 

Dear Sister Mary Martha,
As the Catholic mother of three children 5 and under, I am very concerned about Halloween. This year I have decided we will go out with the kids in Saint or soon-to-be Saint costumes (an Angel, Blessed Kateri, and Saint Michael). It seems like the holiday though is now much scarier and gorier than I remember it as a child. Should we protect our children and abstain completely from the festivities or should we wage spirital warfare and show others the Christian side of this now quite secular and perhaps even demonic holiday? 


It's lovely that the children are going as saints and angels, but I wouldn't start a Holy War over, what is for a small child, a gentle little holiday involving candy and dress up.  It's such fun to dress up.  That's all they care about. That, and candy.  Yay! Candy!

It's not really a demonic holiday.  It's a very Catholic holiday.  Holiday/Holy Day.  

And candy.

But if you are new to our little convent on the internet, here is what goes on around here and my take on Halloween in general.  I can't believe this blog is FOUR YEARS OLD!  But four years ago, this was my Halloween adventure:

Grab a cup of coffee, a mug of tea and share my own Halloween horror!

Let's not overthink this Halloween thing.
Into the fray
Crusader nun
The Close Shave

You may be pleased to know that, four years later, the employee turnover rate has made it possible for me to buy orange rick rack at the fabric store once more.


Catholic Bibliophagist said...

Wow! I've never seen a taco costume before!

(I've often wondered where you find the amazing photos that you put on your blog.)

Saints.SQPN.com said...

Babies in taco costumes...the horror, the horror.....

Katney said...

I also have to say, the taco costume is amazing.

We had a preHalloween celebration at CCD last night.The kids were invited to come dressed as saints. Some of them did and some actually knew who their saint was. After the whole group (1st through 6th graders) heard who the saints were with a little about what a saint is and why we want to be one, too, we went off by classes to the tune of When the Saints Go Marching in.

My favorite was a girl obviously dressed up as a Native American. I said "You must be Kateri Tekawitha." She said she was John the Baptist.

Anonymous said...

katney - I would say you had an All Saints' Day party!

Catholic School Teacher

Anonymous said...

I went as St. Wilgefortis one year--the bearded virgin! I had to do a lot of explaining, though, because the dark dress, headscarf and rosary made people think I was disrepecting nuns with my little beard. By the end of the night, though, everyone knew the story (or legend) of Wilgefortis.

Minkykat said...

Here is a concern I have. For the first time since our beloved old pastor passed away, Holloween fell on Sunday. And for the first time in memory, children under the age of 10 were invited to attend the 12 noon mass in costume!

Of course the dear progressive pastor warned that there should be no devil or witch outfits, no punk or prostitute outfits ect, just good, clean fun.

Excuse me. In your opinion, is the noon mass...ANY mass a time for kids to come trick or treating in the house of the Lord????

Anonymous said...

Wearning a costume to church is not actualy trick or treating, I assume he celebrated the mass. I'v seen children in their jammies at church, I do not think God is worried how we come to Mass, but that we come to Mass.
I hope you learn to love your dear progressive pastor. I have!