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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tell Me a Story

I love this blog :D I have a question as well--I work as a story person (writer & story artist) and I'm trying to pull together blogs that have the basic principles in their storywork of creation, learning, & teaching. I'd like to draw an illustration for blog sidebars in a "Secret of Kells" style. Is there a patron saint you would recommend that's very story & creation-centric to draw? (I hope this question isn't dumb)

No patron saint question is too dumb.  I was once asked who was the patron saint for tennis elbow. I can't remember what I came up with.  There's always the trusty fallback of St. Christopher, patron saint of athletes.

I digress.

The patron saint of artists is St. Luke. Frankly, I have always found this a bit lame, as they say.  St. Luke is the patron saint of artists because he supposedly painted a portrait  or two of Our Lady. There is no evidence of this or that St. Luke ever so much as picked up a pack of colored pencils.

He's always depicted with his easel and oils. I don't think oils were invented yet. I don't know much about art history. I'll have to look that up. Certainly people painted things with something. Not colored pencils.

But St. Luke is still a grand patron saint for you because he wrote not only the Gospel of Luke, but the Acts of the Apostles. He palled around with St. Paul and other disciples and apostles and Mary and he gathered their stories.

His Gospel is really the most personal story of Jesus, with the Annunciation, the Nativity, the Visitation, and Jesus getting lost at the Temple.  It depicts Jesus as a constant champion of the poor and downtrodden. It includes the story of the Good Thief.  Great stories all. All our favorite stories about Jesus are in the Gospel of Luke.

And all the great stories about the Apostles and the early church!

If St. Luke ever actually painted anything the painting did not survive. There are a couple of painting floating around out there that some folks seem to believe are his, but there is no good reason to believe they are his works. We hope your paintings fair better. At least they will actually exist.

I hope you'll come back and explain what &amp means or is or does.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sister

I am a terrible procrastinator (actually no, I am a great procrastinator – but it is terrible!), in fact it has taken me weeks to get around to asking you for help! Everyone says just get started, or just set yourself a deadline which is easy for the non-procrastinator to say, but I am out of control! Do you have any suggestions for getting some discipline in my life?

Many thanks!


ArchAngel's Advocate said...

Luke is the attributed "scribe" of a very famous Marian ikon in Rome (in the Eastern Traditions ikons are "written", not painted). See this article in Wikipediat for more details.

Katney said...

Sister, maybe you can help me find something. We have a very old book of prayers of the faithful for the daily Mass cycle. It is so old it is falling apart, and even though I have some skills at book repair, this is beyond repair. It is out of print. Do you know of any publisher that has something like it available?

St Andrew--not the apostle but the martyr from Korea. But I still can't figure out the feet.

genie said...

I would love for you to explain to me in lay terms why Pope Paul VI removed his saint day from the calendar. Also, I am happy to learn that he is also the patron saint of athletes as well as travelers. I will never leave on a trip without my medal around my neck. genie

Marion Teague said...

I'm like Sara too! Today I replied to a letter that was sent 6 months ago. Look forward to your answer. But wow, I'm writing this immediately. I need to go and lie down now...

Donna. W said...

Here's what I like about you: You admit that some of the old stories may not be right. I like that.
The Gospel of Luke is my favorite of the four Gospels.

Heather Dixon said...

This is PERFECT! Thank you! And Luke is an exceptional storyteller, I can't believe I didn't think of him. Thank you for your guidance. (Luckily too there are a lot of pictures of Luke so I have lots of references to look to :)

Re: &amp -- I think blogger coding goes a little berserk when I type an ampersand.

Katney said...

She's right about the ampersand--the amp is part of the html code for it and sometimes it does not interpret the code but instead displays it.

Today is Matthew. Anther good storyteller.

Unknown said...

Very interesting that the Icons were written during the time of Saint Luke. Has my interest indeed.