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Monday, April 08, 2013

Paper Tigers

Since it's our happiest time of year what with spring springing and Jesus rising, I thought we should take a day off from solving problems and patron saint matching to look at some nuns made of paper.

A reader was kind enough to send us a link to these origami nuns.  I often feel like I am made of paper. I'm sure Stephen Hawkings feels that way as well.

These two appear to be from two different origami orders, rushing off to their respective convents. Or they are both late for something.
Or it's windy at the origami nun convention. I'm sure a good wind would knock them both right over. Or blow them into the next county. Watch for one of them to shoot through your window and land on your desk.

This group all appears to be from the same order, exiting their little paper chapel.  Good thing they all fold flat, since that's the only way they'd fit in there.  They need to turn around and go evangelize the Vikings lurking in the background.  I'm glad the little placard mentions the chapel, because I would never have figured that out.  It looks  more like their row boat is sinking.

This one looks a little more like a praying mantis to me.  Or a bird disguised as a nun.

I think we really have to use our imaginations for this one.  Nun?
Okay, if you say so. Of course, I suppose we really look just like this to some people.

Origami nuns? Or what was left after the kids ate the sno cones?


Katney said...

Feast of the Annunciation (I thought that was March 25--when did it change or am I wrong?)

The one that looks like a preying mantis reminds me of the Flying Nun's habit.

Anonymous said...

Very cute. I used to have to teach kids Origami at work. This would have been fun.

Unknown said...

Amazing what skills people have. I just get paper cuts. Kudos to them.

Anonymous said...

Awww, they're adorable.

Do you have a patron saint for someone who wants to be a nun but whose parents absolutely hate the idea? I thought of St. Thomas Aquinas because he got resistance from his family about joining the Dominicans, but do you have a female suggestion too?

Saintify said...

Ahah, nice!

Anonymous said...

Stephen Hawking. No "s". :-)

Anonymous said...

I like the square one, I'm pretty sure I'd have guessed she was a nun if you hadn't told me :-)

I have a question. In one of your earlier posts (march 5) you mention purgatory exists outside time and space; yet indulgences are for periods of time (or at least they were in the past,from what I've read) how does that work? How can time be taken off of something that doesn't exist in time?