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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Snapping...Out of It

Dear Sister Mary Martha, I'm really tired of being nice all the time, and I'm ready to snap and say something mean.

Snap out of it.

What gives you the right to be mean to anybody?

 Is everyone else stupid? Is that it? 

I have news for you. They're doing the best they can. Yes, they are lame. Maybe they do need to try harder. However, if you snap and say something mean, they won't for one second think to themselves, "Wow, I'm so stupid." What they will think is, "what a mean person."  What's the point of that?

The world is a difficult, often terrible, place. You have a choice to add to the terribleness of the world and make it an incrementally more terrible place or to try to make it a less terrible place. You can add ugliness or you can add beauty.  You certainly won't help one blessed thing get better by being mean.

What you will do, besides degrading the state of the world, is make yourself into a bitter, crabby person with some sort of sense of entitlement that things should go better for you. 

That person that you want to be mean to is a whole human being, too. You've lost sight of that.  

On top of that, if you had simply snapped and said something mean, it might not be a sin, because you may not have had any actually intention of being mean or hurting anyone. There was no intent, just a momentary lapse, for which you could have apologized. The end.

But now, you're giving yourself permission to give into your anger. And that is a sin. Anger is not a sin. Living in anger is.

Perhaps you need a break. Put your feet up with some tea and take some deep breaths to quell your anger.

Whatever you do, the idea that you are simply too weary to be nice is  an idea to be dumped in the trash heap of useless plans. Get some sleep. And some gratitude. And some compassion.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You told her...and me...and many of us who read your blog, I'd wager. Thanks for the 'straight talk' and telling us how it is.

May God bless you.

MickeyMack said...

How do we submit questions?

MickeyMack said...

I figured out that if you leave your question in the comments that might do it. My question is about Adoration. I go, but I'm not sure what to do and the whole idea of it confuses me. Am I supposed to pray or be silent in His presence...or alternate both? What do I pray for? I go in there with a list but I don't feel like it's quite appropriate to do this...but I don't know what else to do . I pray a lot for guidance on what to do while I am in there and a closer relationship with Him. I also take a few books with prayers in there, too...but I always think I am "doing it wrong". For once, I would like to do something "right". Would you spell it out for me and help out? Thank you Sister. Oh, and one more question... When I go to Adoration (it's in a small chapel), I always go to my seat first and then kneel down facing the monstrance for my opening prayers. Some people walk in and kneel down right in the aisle and "block traffic" so to speak. I want to do what's proper but sometimes people are backed up out the door waiting for the aisle to clear. What am I supposed to do? And yes, I know I'm a mess!

Anonymous said...

REALLY GREAT post! As someone who tends to snap I need to remind myself of this. It might feel good for a moment but no, I really don't want to add to the ugliness of the world - there's more than enough already.


meg said...

I attend adoration once a month and love it. It's similar to making a visit, or even just taking some time out to pray and, more importantly, listen to the Lord. What makes it special, or more sacred, is the fact that you have the exposed Blessed Sacrament -- the physical presence of Jesus right in front of you.

Blocking the isle and kneeling in humble adoration happens frequently, so politely step around or better yet join them!