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Monday, December 02, 2013


I count on my readers to point out when I've made a mistake. Or mistakes.  Always remember, dear readers, that nuns are sometimes wrong.  

Because I'm well aware that nuns are sometimes wrong, please take note that I don't make things up. I will never tell you that a woman had an ants nest between her scalp and her skull, for example. But sometimes my own errors flop right out there. Apparently, I've been on a tear.

My mother told me that the patron saint of test-takers was St. Joseph Cupertino. I've been asking for his intercession for years on tests. Is it actually St. John Cupertino?

Your mother was one hundred per cent correct! I was 50% wrong. I suffer from a malady I call, "stuckonthat".  If you tell me your name and for whatever reason I misremember that your name is Alice when it is actually Alise, or Agnes or Agatha or any other name that begins with "A" that my feeble brain has substituted for the correct information, you will forever be whatever I have landed on, facts notwithstanding.  

At least I got the Cupertino part right, which is a miracle, since my full befuddlement involves constantly confusing St. John of the Cross with St. Joseph Cupertino.  I don't know why. Perhaps it's all the depictions of St. Joseph Cupertino with his arms out flying up to Jesus on the Cross. Perhaps I'm just not the brightest bulb. Perhaps my elevator can no longer make it to the top floor.

While we're on the subject, I make two consistent typing errors every single time I type these two words: Joseph and Bernadette.  I ALWAYS first type Jospeh and Bernadetter.  Even just now when I typed Joseph and Bernadette (and again just now). Wait....there's another one: hospital.  I usually type hosiptal or something first.

And while we are making corrections, it is not a miracle that I got the Cupertino part right. It is remarkable, given that I really erroneously think of him as John of the Cross, but it is not a miracle. We have high standards for miracles, and me getting a saint's name partially right really doesn't cut it.

Is Hildegarde of Bingen a Doctor, too?

Yes, she is! I forgot about that! You'd think it would be easy for me to remember to no longer say "There are three women Doctors of the Church (but am stuckonthat), when in fact there are now four. Two Teresa's ( a Teresa and a Theresa) and Catherine and now a Hildegarde.

And what a fascinating person she was! I think I'll put together a Sister Mary Martha gift list for Christmas! Because you can buy St. Hildegarde's album. I believe I still have the link over there in the side bar.

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