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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lightening the Load

One of the things that happens when all around you is a bit sad and grim and people talking in low voices, is that folks send along things to cheer you up. It's a swell idea, really, because who really needs to spend every moment grim and sad and talking in a low voice. One of the most welcome sounds in a sick room is laughter.

And this made us all laugh.

Don't tell Mr. Schlephorst that this is how we really feel.


Katney said...

Someone shared this with me the other day and I howled. It drew a lot of laughter/comment from both teacher friends and parent friends -- those who know.

My first graders did a guided project together for the school fair, but we had our own individual/partner projects in class. The most memorable were the two girls K and Q who researched the question "Why do turtles move so slowly?" When it came to their demonstration, we sat in a circle as Q set her brother's turtle down in the center. It promptly took off like a blue streak and was halfway across the room before they caught it.

Claudia said...

That made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

That's great, and so is the turtle story above!