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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

You Got Judas!

Oh no, I got Judas Iscariot!! I was wondering if he'd be an option and sure enough he's the one I get. Here's what it says: Black sheep, loner, ne’er-do-well, rebel… You’re the kind of person who’s never really fit in with the crowd and you’re okay with that. You do your own thing and live by your own rules. (Also, people don’t really seem to trust you for some reason. You might want to work on that.) Can I still read your blog or am I banned?

You're not banned. But watch out next time you walk through a field. You might burst.

The responses to yesterday's post were our laugh of the day!  Somebody actually got Judas! Glad I didn't have a mouthful of anything when I read that.

There are only two people in history that I can call to mind that are indisputable pariahs. No children (except perhaps the children of crazy people) are named for them. Their names are synonymous with betrayal, death, evil and mayhem. Hitler is one. Judas is the other.

The Judas kiss.

The comically cheery description of why our poor reader is most like Judas completely ignores centuries of connotations that all point to one thing: that person in the inner circle who is so evil he leads an innocent lamb to slaughter.

For his own gain? We don't know. The way we've always viewed Judas is that he became aggravated that Jesus wasn't overthrowing the Romans and snapped one day when a woman washed Jesus with some expensive perfume. Judas thought the money should go to the poor and Jesus told him to relax, just this once.

Which, by the way, is something we should keep in mind when we overly admonish ourselves for being too little, not doing enough, failing.  Even Jesus gave Himself a break.

But right after that Judas betrayed Jesus for the sum of thirty pieces of silver.

Scholars have gone round and round trying to figure out the Judas story.  He died several different ways. There are many theories about what little we do know.  He wanted a physical uprising. He didn't betray the whereabouts of Jesus, but His private teachings (which the Sanhedrin used at His trial).  Iscariot isn't about where he was from, but a nickname Jesus gave him, like calling Peter the Rock.

It's true that Judas may have felt like at outsider. He was the only non-Galilean. He kept the money for the group. No one likes that guy.

It's also true that we shouldn't see Judas as all bad. He was, after all, chosen by Jesus, the Divine Master (His nickname), to be in His inner circle.  What we need to remember about Judas is that even one such as this could have a colossal fall.

Another thing to keep in mind when you're beating yourself up about your lack of faith or you failings and inabilities to be the best follower.  Even one of Jesus' hand picked disciples failed spectacularly.

For the record, I got Matthew. And that doesn't fit me at all, either.


Ladytats said...

I got Matthew as well, I am a bookkeeper, so that was interesting. I have asked for his help on more then one occasion.

Aussie said...

Hello Sister and Ladytats. I too got Matthew and books are part of my life too (retired teacher and a bit if a researcher and writer). My elder son, whose Confirmation name is Thomas, got St Thomas in the quiz. Thank you for the link Sister. It was fun.
Ann (Australia)
P.S. I do like your photo Sister. It's lovely to see a nun in habit as all nuns were when I was at school. The order that taught me are now in civvies. Their only vocation identifier is a stylised cross worn on a chain around the neck.

Taylor O'Hara said...

Hello Sister Mary Martha! I love reading your blog everyday. It brings a smile to my face and gives me a new outlook on many things.

I have a question for you that I would love for you to answer. I go to St. Michael's Catholic Academy in Austin, Texas and we are doing a project in my Ecclesiology class.

My question is What is the difference between Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic?

Thank you!
Taylor O'Hara

Danielle said...

Hi, SMM. There is a married priest now that appears to have been ordained yesterday with the blessing of the pope. Thoughts?

John said...

That's hilarious!

Excuse me for asking, Sister, but I have cerebral palsy, and am in need of a Saint. St Giles is patron of the lame, but only because his pet deer had a lame foot. I know I have a lame foot too, but I don't find this remotely comforting. Are there any other patronal candidates you can recommend?

Thank you!

Steve Martin said...

Love the church sign!

Here's something you might like. 9 things to give-up for Lent:


God bless you!