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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Another Movie Lesson Plan

We were parked in front of CNN, as is our habit, to see what we need to be praying for. Both Sister St. Aloysius and I are originally from the Midwest, so we are watching the tornado news with sadness and a deep sense of familiarity.

When I was a little girl I was terrified of the very idea that a tornado could come through like a train of wind, the finger of God, and suck my house up and take it to Oz. I wouldn't have known much about tornadoes if it had not been for the Wizard of Oz. That's how I learned about tornadoes and that I lived in Tornado Alley.

Only I knew there was no Oz. Thank you, Catholic school education. I knew what really happened to the people and houses and cows that got hit. Certainly there are no ruby slippers involved. Flying monkeys would be welcome to pick up the debris.

Since I've known all of this since I was age 5 or so, I was shocked to hear the White House Press secretary, Mr. Tony Snow, trying to tell reporters that 'you can't prepare for these things.' He was responding to questions put to him about the governor of Kansas. She had thanked the President for a quick response, but mentioned that the equipment needed for cleaning up is scarce because so much of it is in Iraq. She's not the only governor who has mentioned this problem.

We're already been praying for Mr. Snow because he's been so sick, poor man. I've had chemotherapy myself and I can tell you that while you're having it, you turn stupid. You just can't think. You're all foggy. One day, while surfing the internets, I actually found a term for it, "chemo brain." Go ahead....look on the Google. I'll wait......

Once while I was on chemotherapy I watched a low speed car chase for more than two hours that ended only after the fleeing suspect ran out of gas. He had been driving with his tires blown out (from that nail strip thing they use on fleeing suspects) for an hour or so. I can tell you exactly what I was thinking the whole time I was watching it "hummmmmmmmmm m..." If you had been inside my brain you'd have thought I was a Buddhist.

This is the only explanation I can think of for why anyone would think that there might not be any tornadoes in Kansas this year, so very little equipment would be necessary. That or they've never heard of Oz.

By the way, it should all serve as a reminder to wear your scapular! Or make sure you have one of those "In Case of Emergency Please Call a Priest" cards or medals. Contrary to what Mr. Snow has to say, you can be prepared.

Just don't think for a minute that you can put on that scapular and frolick off to stare at the "Black Snake Moan" poster or the like. Yes, Mary promised us that if we wear the scapular we will not see the fires of hell. But you're not going to get away with trying to fool Mary. The tornado will suck the scapular right off your neck before it lands you in the ditch head first to be identified only by your unusual toes.

You'll have to really be prepared.


Anonymous said...

Sister I am here in tornado alley, blizzard blitz, build an ark, praire fire row and I think the 'shortage' is a political game. Those of us who live the rural life know we aren't next to fire stations or teams of rescuers. We live aware that a tornado could take our house tomorrow. We stock pile canned goods in blizzard season. We know not to drive flooded roads. The last fire (last week) my neighbors and I put it out and waited half an hour before the fire department showed up (all volunteers). In the last 10 years I've seen three towns within 100 miles of my home totalled. I never saw the National Guard in any of those towns. We have always taken care of ourselves and our neighbors. Every church lady of every faith bakes and every tractor and farmer start cleaning up. I truely believe this is a media 'story' of political motivation. I am very sorry for those poor people. I know what they are facing. I am also fully aware Kansasans are a hardly people who will rise above this tragedy.

Kimie said...

Seaking of movies,we did a Bible Study tonight in our Young Adult Group focusing on the lessons from Spiderman 3! It was fun and hit everyone right where they live. Haha who knew :)

Anonymous said...

I saw the tornados on TV here in Australia. I don't think I could cope with the threat of living with them, and I am full of admiration for those who do.Mind you, we get floods and bushfires here, so it evens out I suppose!

WNV said...


I just came across your blog, and it is wonderful! Thanks for being out here.

God love you,

Father V.

Unknown said...

Howdy Aussie!
I grew up in the midwest and now live in the southeast. I can't imagine living with those huge poisonous spiders that can bite through shoes!!! :-O It seems like there are way too many creepy-crawly poisonous thingies down under!

Sister, I grew up in the midwest and as my memory serves me it seems Oz was always shown at the beginning of tornado season in the spring. We'd watch it at my grandma and grandpa's then go home to our TRAILER!!! :-O To this day some 40+ years later, one of my recurring stress dreams are of multiple tornados dropping out of the sky! And boy, were those flying monkies CREEPY!

Melanie said...

Hi, I love your blog Sister Mary Martha. I hope you don't mind if I let people know about my blog http://melaniewhatisgodswill.blogspot.com/

Etrangère said...

I was a smarty pants as a little kid and read the "new true" books on tornados and was always terrified one would come and get us...I remember babysitting one night as a teenager in Georgia and there was a tornado warning...the six-year-old had to calm me down...

Those things are scary...