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Friday, August 29, 2008

Ready, Set, Go!

Okay! We are all set to go with our Beautiful Nun Photo Non Contest. I suppose I should have a better name for it. I'm open to suggestions.

Maybe I should have a name the non contest contest. I certainly have a shop full of prizes!

So, here are the rules:

There are no rules.

Maybe one rule. The woman has to be a nun. A Catholic nun. I have a great admiration for Buddhist nuns, but they are on the wrong track, poor things. Orthodox nuns are welcome, since Pope John Paul II made his apologies for the Inquisition, the Great Schism and one to the Galileo family.

After that, anything goes. Habits, schmabits. A nun doing good work can wear whatever she wants. She's a nun. She's not going to be wearing something immodest (we hope). She may be looking a little dowdy. Don't judge. It's not Project Runway over here. That nun doesn't have any money to make sure everything matches. What does she care it it matches, anyhow? A nun's life is not a fashion show. If something is wildly inappropriate I just won't post it.

Or I will post it, to point out how wildly inappropriate it is. We'll see.

Also, the pictures don't have to be of the nun actually doing the good work, although that would be nice, since nuns do such a wide range of good work. I'd be happy to just see a picture of some dowdy old nun standing in front of a church sign or a Taco Bell in her flowered blouse and polyester pants and we can just talk about what she's been up to. That will still be one beautiful picture.

I've set up an email address for you to send in your pictures. I thought that would be the easiest way to do it.

Sister St. Aloysius is besides herself with excitement. We've never really launched any big project like this before. She doesn't think there should ever be any deadline. I think people tend to be lazy and procrastinate and need deadlines. Perhaps that's because I tend to procrastinate and need deadlines. Sister St. Aloysius never procrastinates and can't stand to be one second late for anything. It's a beautiful day here and she has taken Sister Mary Fiacre out for a walk. She will be so pleased when she returns to see that I've actually made some progress. We'll have to have our own private contest about the deadline or lack thereof.

I just thought of another non rule. The nun doesn't have to still be alive. They still belong to the Church Triumphant, or at the very least, the Church Suffering.There's no reason to exclude someone just because they are dead.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to submit pictures of some wonderful cloistered Carmelite nuns in Lake Elmo, MN, but I've never seen them, much less taken a picture. Doesn't seem fair that they don't get to compete!

The Crescat said...

the email link seems to not be working.

Smiley said...

Rev Sister,

I have great respect for this Sister.


But this one cracks me up always.

Sister Mary Martha said...

Okay...just send your pictures to the email address:

Smiley said...

Carolina cannonball Rev Sister's email is not working as she has not used the proper HTML tag. :(
The 8 year olds are probably still on holiday and we all know Sister cannot use her ruler any more.

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor Mother Angelica. That's not funny. It's sad. I miss her.

Smiley said...

hey his consuming fire, I have big respect for Mother Angelica. I listen to her daily. She is like the grandmothers I did not have. No disrespect meant to her at all.

Jen said...

Hi, Sister! I'm definitely going to submit photos for this contest. I just wanted to warn you that you'll probably want to write the e-mail address on your blog post a little differently; spammers troll websites and blogs looking for e-mail addresses and then flood them with junk.

You may want to write it like:


We'll figure it out. :) Looking forward to the results of the non-contest!

Anonymous said...

Oh, okay. Sorry I was defensive. God Bless!

joannaB73 said...

I can't wait to see some photos! Sister who is a Saint for financial help?

Anonymous said...

How ironic is it that I'm sitting in Poopsie's house watching her dance around the den with our 2-year-old son as a battery-operated dancing chicken plays the chicken dance?! Haha!

LOVE your site!

Anonymous said...

i wish i had a photo for my great aunt. she's my hero. she's a benedictine sister of perpetual adoration.

ZuppaFly said...

Re; Photo Non Contest. I suppose I should have a better name for it. I'm open to suggestions.

My suggestion for your Nun Photo Contest is....


Love your blog!