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Monday, October 20, 2008

Sister Mary Martha, Stealth Clown

I am used to small children
being afraid of me. Who can blame them? From their perspective, I'm actually scarier than a clown. Which reminds me. I posted this picture the other day. A nun AND a clown. Why is that child not screaming blue murder? Maybe she is. We really can't see her face, now can we?

I digress.

To small children, I'm sure I look like some big scary witch or some kind of black pterodactyl bat witch. But this is a first. I actually upset a little baby girl and I wasn't even there. Poor baby.

One of our wonderful readers, who is also a cake nut, made our horrible ugly cake that tastes so delicious. The poor baby didn't know the cake would be delicious. The poor baby just took one look at this cake and lost it. Apparently, this baby is a true connoisseur of how a cake ought to look, which is not surprising seeing how her mother is a cake expert.

This lovely woman threw a little party for us in honor of our Blogger's Choice Award. It looks like a fun party and the baby eventually calmed down. You would have thought there was a picture of me on top of the cake.

Meanwhile, Sister St. Aloysius has glommed on to the cake blog. I'm sure I'll have to go the long way to the Post Office with our shop orders from now on or someone will have to roll me there. Maybe we'll throw a one nun bake sale. If you come, you'll know which cake to grab. That really ugly looking one. The one that makes the baby cry.

Today's Nun So Beautiful is from reader James Baird

Sister Alyssa

Looks like someone snapped a picture of her at work.


Tienne said...

That "ugly cake" has nothing on most of the Cake Wrecks at this site: http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com. It's a tossup whether the cakes with misspellings and grotesquely malformed images are worse than the cakes made up to look like a baby (or just its butt) or a bride's torso...


:) Hope you get a laugh.

Michele said...

sister, you could never scare anyone:) your a very holy nun:) as for helping me match up people with saints for 2009, that is a great idea:) oh, and i cast my vote for favorite blog for you:) for your readers who want to know about the patron saint for 2009, it is on my blog. :)

Michele said...

sister, i made a post for you, and also commented in the saint post. please stop by and view it on my blog here:


Shannon said...


Thanks so much for mentioning us. I'm sure that this little baby (Maria) would love to give you a big hug! You are a dear and we really, really love your site. And I mean it....you'll win next year!!
AND the cake was really, really fantastic!
Hugs to you!!

Anonymous said...

Sister, Sorry about my poorly worded email. The Nun in this pic is Sr. Immaculata. It was taken at a Life Teen retreat.