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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Playoffs Come Home to Roost

Oh my goodness! We're in a contest and we didn't even know! We love a good contest, especially during playoff season. Move over Lebron. Vote for us here!


Vodka Mom said...

I'm heading over to vote for you!!

Vodka Mom said...

If you promise to say TONS of prayers for me over the next few days. I am trying to restore my spirit....

NCSue said...

I voted... for you, of course!

I've only run into your blog in the past few days and have already become hopelessly hooked. Am now reading your posts from the iron age, plan to work through to the present day, and so far love 'em all.

God bless you!


paramedicgirl said...

Sister, I voted for your blog - did you know you can vote once per day?

Oh, about those playoffs - what is that net thingy? Shouldn't that be a hockey picture? It IS the Stanley Cup we are playing for - Go Canucks!!!!

Pam @ Frippery said...

Sister, I just found your blog through Vodka Mom who I found through another blog comment. Is that what is called Divine Intervention? Anyhoo, I am going back to the beginning to read all your posts as I love what I have seen so far. I did vote for you. Good luck, (oops, I didn't say luck) uh, I will pray for your success. I really didn't know there were so many Catholic blogs out in Blogland. I will have to check more of them out as well.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister,

I'm a devoted reader and I just love you to bits. I've asked your advice on another occasion (the gossip bit) and your answer was so true and comforting - I often think of that little bushbaby saying "It's behind meee, isn't it" before I open my mouth. Thank you. I have another question, and if you have the time, I'd love to hear what you have to say!
Here it goes:
Is it possible to be too Catholic? Not like going to Mass too much, or praying too much, but by requiring that all you do and take joy in MUST be related to The Church and the afterlife in some way.
Lots of talk about suffering and mortification. What's your take on this? Is this a symptom of a depressive person, or a hallmark of a future saint?
Is it okay to skip through the tulips eating cupcakes and just praise God that life is just so beautiful? Or does that make me a flipant sinner (unless, of course, they are tulips planted by Carmelites and the cupcakes are assorted to look like a big rosary...and it's a feast day).
Am I alone in this confusion?
I'm frustrated.
Wouldn't Jesus want us to spread joy and ease other's pain instead of constantly fixating on our own suffering?
I hope this makes sense.

Mercer's Daughter said...

You got my vote sister!

Camille said...

You definitely have my vote! You and conversiondiary are the only ones I keep coming back to!

James Schneider said...

Sister, I'm originally from Chicago and have voted for your blog. Is it OK to vote repeatedly or is that a sin?

Donna. W said...

Of all the religious blogs I've started reading, yours is the single one I've stayed with. And as I've told you before, I'm not even Catholic. It's your sense of humor that keeps me coming back.

You have my vote in this and any other contest... as long as the contest is befitting a nun.