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Monday, August 03, 2009

On the Fly

Sister, I found your blog through the Faith and Family blog. Wonderful! Everyone needs to look at life with all its frustrations, joys, complexitites, etc with a bit of straight forward truth and humor. Thank you! I do have a question for you - a saint to ask to intercede for my 15 year old son who struggles with many learning disabilities, a basic "don't care about much" attitude, and who won't even ask for help when he so desperately needs it. He is a good kid - but has no clue (he hasn't seen how God can help him yet) about Christ is so important to him. Suggestion?

Isn't that nice? I don't mean about your son. What a trial.

I would suggest a trio of saints for him. He is fifteen after all. He's probably not even awake half the time, and when he is awake, he isn't thinking about Jesus. Maybe he actually needs four saints, now that I think about it.

I'm going with St. Thomas Aquinas, brilliant man that he was, known as the "dumb ox" while a school boy. He was known as rather a fatso as an adult, besides his brilliance, so the "ox" part of his moniker must have been somewhat accurate even back then. Anyhow the big dumb ox landed the title of "Doctor of the Church".

I also always like St. Isidore, now patron saint of the internet, for the lazy student.

And for people who flap all around looking for heaven knows what all their lives, my buddy, St. John of God.

Lastly, for the concentration needed for the concentration for that which he should be concentrating, St. Maria Goretti. Enough said about that.

Inquiring minds want to know:Is there a Patron Saint of Bingo? If not, have you any suggestions?I do wish we could find a better way to raise money than by gambling.

Is Bingo really gambling? I always thought of it as a church fundraiser where you get to get together which a bunch of people and play a board game and maybe win a prize.

I suppose sin is in the intent. If you are throwing down a lot of loot to sit there with four dozen Bingo cards and a bunch of inky stampers in the hope of "getting baby some new shoes", then you are gambling.

In which case you need St. Bernadine, the patron saint of gamblers. The poor man. He really didn't have anything to do with actual gambling.

I realize that I have many questions that have been awaiting anwers much longer than these two very recent additions, but I never know what Sister Nicholas is going to get into next, and I'm on the fly here.


Kristen said...

St. THomas Aquinas is an excellent choice for a special kid - our oldest son has autism and we received huge graces from praying to St. Thomas back in 1996. THe kid no longer has an IEP and is a senior in high school with great college prospects. THanks be to God

Anonymous said...

Sister, what is your opinion of the Episcopalian priest who became Muslim & was subsequently defrocked?

Tyler said...

Why did people in the Old Testament live so long? I understand that we don't have to look at things from a highly literal, Fundamentalist perspective, but it still baffles me why they would inflate the ages like that.