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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Different Kind of Dark Knight

Hi Sister Mary Martha,

My younger sister committed suicide four years ago. Is there a saint that I could ask for prayers for her soul? I have asked, but I keep getting different answers.

How unbearably sad.  You'll be comforted to know that the Church does not pass judgment on those who have taken their own lives.  While it is considered to be a mortal sin, we don't know the person's state of mind, a persona who may well have not been rational at the time of the act.  Your sister may well be already in Heaven.
I would turn to Mother Teresa, who was very well known for her own dark night of the soul, which plagued her for almost her entire life.  She would understand the torment of hopelessness and abandonment, the purpose of a patron saint: someone who understands your issues and can intercede on your behalf, or in this case, your sister's behalf.  She would also well understand your own anxiety.

We'll keep you both in our prayers.


Claudia said...

I think that someone who takes their life has some mental issues. They could not be "normal" but most likely suffering from depression, or some of the voices in their heads tell the to do so.

Mental illness is a plague and I hope that some day we can find the cure.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Sister, those words will resonate and bring comfort to many.
Blessings and prayers.

elfin said...

Thank you, Sister. This helped a lot.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful message! I will remember Mother Theresa when I remember my late friend Diana.