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Friday, November 04, 2011

St. Anthony Finds His Own Book

My husband, who depends greatly on St. Anthony for helping him find things, is wondering about the book. I will try a search, but just in case, could you fill us in? Incidentally, My husband has been enlisting St. Anthony's intercession regarding lost items for years, but didn't even realize that that was his patronage.

Yes, supposedly St. Anthony's patronage of finding lost objects stems from this story:
Quite some time after St. Anthony left this mortal coil, a book that was a relic of his went missing.  Since the book was a holy relic of the saint, everyone was duly upset and prayed for the intercession of the saint for its safe return.

The book reappeared.  But the explanation was not miraculous.

Some novice had it.  He had borrowed it and was very embarrassed to have caused the commotion.

So that's that.

Have a nice weekend everyone!  Don't forget to turn your clocks back!  You'll have an extra hour.  Use it wisely!


Katney said...

Thank you, Sister. (I didn't find it by searching.)

Anonymous said...

So he could be the patron of library circulation staff, too?

Maureen said...

In the version of the story I read, the novice monk absconded with the book and was struck down as he was running across a bridge.
The book made it's own way back to St Anthony.
I have cause to ask for St Anthony's help in finding lost items "very regularly....".
The most notable occasion was the Finding of my Fountain Pen, many years ago. For a whole week it was missing, and every member of the family, and even some of the neighbours joined in the search.It was of great sentimental value to me.
One morning my husband went outside to get the newspaper from the front garden - and there was my pen, right at the bottom of the steps, where we had all walked, and hunted a hundred times.
And more recently - just this morning, in fact, St Anthony found my missing rosary, in a place which had already been searched thoroughly.

dre said...

Here's my St. Anthony story: I was at a national Girl Scout event with several women from all over the country. One woman made a big point of bringing her Bible and placing it on her pillow to read before bed. We were in cramped quarters, and one morning she was rooting through her luggage looking for a particular item.

"Tony, Tony, please come 'round" I said...and she replied, "I'll pray to find it if it doesn't turn up, but I prefer to go straight to the...oh, here it is!" LOL St. Anthony sure was quick on that one--I didn't even get a chance to finish the rhyme!

Justine said...

Dear Sr Mary Martha,
I have a friend who has quite vivid dreams. She would quite often thrash around, talk and even shout in her sleep, while dreaming. Sometimes, she would even cry in her sleep.
I love your blog, but have always been very 'shy' in making our 'lurking presence' known. But, I had to ask you for a patron saint for my friend who has not had a dreamless sleep ever since she could remember. And I hope to be able to get some divine intercession before it escalates. (She swatted me in her sleep a couple of nights ago!)
She had very unhappy childhood and I have prayed for the Lord's healing on her and had taken her to healing Mass, but it doesn't seem that she is healed, at all of her past hurts and unhappiness. And 70-80% of the times when she got upset in her sleep was because she was dreaming about her parents and/or her past.
The both or us are ok with our Lord's plan for her in this suffering, rather than rush Him. But is there a saint that can help in carry her cross sometimes or fix a wheel on it so it's not so heavy?
Thanks, Sr Mary Martha!