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Monday, January 28, 2013

Blabbermouth Saints

The masses have had plenty of ideas about how to bill St. Dymphna in the shop. Many think she should just stay crazy. I tend to agree. Look for me to come back to this again, next time someone sends me a scolding email. During the very helpful conversation in the comments section, this question popped up. 

 I tend to run my mouth and say more than I need to.....who is the patron Saint of those who talk too much.

Talking too much is a relative situation, is it not? If you're at Aunt Tillie's funeral and you just can't stop commenting on the mourning garb or lack thereof, you talk too much. If other people can't get a word in edgewise, you talk too much. If you're Chris Matthews, you talk too much. 

But some people talk a lot and it's a very good thing. With that in mind, I offer two patron saints for you, with the thought that if you have a tendency to run your mouth, you could at least not run it on empty.

First up, St. Anthony. Yes, I realize that most people think of good old St. Anthony when they can't find their glasses and keys. He is unfailing in this regard. You know what to say, right?  "Holy Tony, come on down, something's lost and must be found."  The story goes that a Brother "borrowed" St. Anthony's book. St. Anthony prayed and prayed that the book would be found and the Brother had an alarming vision of St. Anthony. I don't know what was alarming about it. Maybe having a vision is alarming enough. I would be alarmed if I had a vision, especially if it was a vision of the person whose book I "borrowed".  Maybe having a vision of an annoyed St. Anthony goes a long way. In any case, the book was returned.

But I think the whole "lost and found" thing has a much deeper root. St. Anthony was the best public speaker of his day. Apparently, he had a lovely voice and a compelling style. But on top of that, he had a photographic memory. He remembered everything he read, which made it possible for him to speak extemporaneously with great effect.  That's also why he can remember where you left your keys, I think.

In any case, word of St. Anthony's amazing gifts got back to St. Francis, himself. St. Francis sent St. Anthony a letter and told him that whatever St. Anthony wanted to go out and speak about was okay. "Please get on out there" is more or less said. "We need guys like you."

Now before you rush out with your mouth in gear, keep in mind that St. Anthony was very well educated in theology and, as I mentioned, remembered every word he ever read.

But he's a great patron saint for you. He was such an fantastic speaker that when his remains were exhumed, his well used tongue was still intact, moist and glistening. I believe it still resides in Padua.

You should be so blessed.

And the other patron saint for you is St,. Francis himself. All St. Francis did was run around preaching. On foot, with no shoes on. He heard a sermon that inspired him and off he went. He was joined by another guy, and at the end of the year there were eleven of them. In a few years, there were one hundred....thousand. Five hundred thousand if you also count the people in  the Third Order. That is some powerful blabbing.

So blab away, my dear. And remember the words of St. Francis "Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary, use words."


Claudia said...

Your post could have been entitled "Putting a Muzzle on Your Mouth."

I know because sometimes I need one, but in reality I was just saying what everyone else was thinking.

But I would not say anything malicious.

Aubrey said...

Just another point of view - as someone who tends to be quiet and introverted, I really appreciate my friends who talk too much. They always have a way to keep the conversation going when I can't think of anything to say.

mimi said...

Sister Mary Martha,
Like you I also like terrorizing children and lucky for me I can do it 10 months out of the year! Haha!
As a senior high teacher I do have the pleasure of working with young people and I absolutely love it. My only complaint is that I have many teacher friends who are all married and I wonder how I too can meet someone. I have been single for an awfully long time and I can't seem to meet anyone. I have tried classical routes and some new "on-line" routes. I am still struggling to meet someone who wants to get married and have a family. Any advice?

Gigi said...

I talk a lot. Even my blog ends up wittering. I'm sure many people wish my tongue could be encased in Padua: I live in England.
What about dear old St Patrick? He was a talker if ever there was one. Legend has t that his ash wood staff took root and grew in a tree during one of his sermons...