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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Infant Shopping

We have a lot of pew polishing to do this week, so today we have a short question to answer.

Hi ... I am in search of a statue of the baby infant of prague...my grandmother had one that was under a glass dome screwed to a brown wooden plate it was porcelain and the robe had a velvety touch.

My goodness! Ebay!  It depends on how much you want to spend on the statue. You can go to any religious goods store online. Does he have to be under a glass dome?

Here's a little information on the Infant of Prague. Have a quick read. I'll wait.

Okay, so you can get anything from a little statue made of plastic or plaster (which means he'll always be in his traditional red cape rendered in plastic), to the fancy in kind that is just like the original and you change the little outfits.  I actually have one of the former, and now we also have a little plaster one with a removable cloth cape.  We just leave it on him. It's always chilly in our house because California houses are not insulated.Or you can spring for an more full size statue with all his different outfits. Outfits sold separately.

You could conceivably get one like mine with a removable cape and then make a velour one and replace the doll clothes one. The one we have is made from whatever that stuff is out of which doll clothes are made. But it does have a nice sort of white lace like trim on it.

Since you clearly know how to use the internet, just google "Infant of Prague Statue".  There is one in a dome on Ebay as we speak, but it's a pricey one. There are many, many others at very affordable price points.

A very holy Holy Week to everyone. We'll post between polishing if we can. 


Lizbette said...

The story behind the devotion is good too--as a convert, I thought it was a little weird until I read about it (real info helps so much). God bless your Triduum -- just found your blog and love it!

Anonymous said...

Or pop over to Prague! ;-)
My husband brought home a beautiful Infant of Prague for a dear friend whose mother was Czech.

abishag said...

I love the concept of "enough" or "sufficient" when it comes to money. It implies that the Infant of Prague will help you to ask what God needs you to do with your money - and will maybe help you open your heart to the answer. So much nicer than that "God wants you to be rich!" garbage-theology that's been making the rounds the last few years.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister
My brother has an unusual problem. 20 years ago, he gave up on finding love and a wife and is now perfectly happy as a single man. He is 63 years old and there is a 41 year old woman, divorced with kids who has decided he is the love of her life and she will give him no rest. She is being aided and abetted by another woman, happily married who just can't stand to see someone happily single. When he was in high school, my brother wanted to be a monk, or a hermit but joined the Marines instead. He has had 2 very painful "love relationships" and has seen so many marriages fail or people who are miserable in their marriage, including our parents that he wants to remain single forever. Is there a saint for that?

Anonymous said...

Dear SMM-

Any thoughts on the "tradition" of taking a piece of straw from the manger of the nativity scene at a church and putting it in your wallet. It's supposed to ensure your wallet is never empty.