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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Oh, for Pete's Sake

I have to assume that the expression, "for Pete's sake!" has something to do with St. Peter. I can't think what it would be, but today I'm glad to call on St. Peter to talk some sense into people. Since our last post about the haunted house we've had a loony discussion in the comments section that I feel we must address. 

 I am wondering whether those haunting the house have a message of healing to offer, and keeping on being ignored just makes it harder for them to offer it? Logically, this is a possibility offered by process of elimination, consulting the options Sister has discussed so far: "Their purpose may be to teach or warn, or request some favor of the living." Thus, if I had the courage, I might ask what it is each remaining one wants, or to offer that is helpful.

What part of "don't talk to the ghosts" did you miss? Don't talk to 'ghosts'.  We don't know what they are but, whatever they are, it can't be good.  The author who talked about ghosts being there to teach or to warn wasn't talking about some type of spirit that endlessly hangs around a house smoking cigars and rattling the dinnerware.  He was talking about an apparition, like when you suddenly see your dead Aunt Margie and she is motioning to you.  (She is motioning to you to pray for her, no doubt.)

What about the people like the long island medium who believe the dead can talk to/through them? She seems sincere, and it appears that she comes up with things that she has no way of knowing -- it gives so much comfort to people, I can't believe a demon would do anything to comfort anyone. She says she's a practicing Catholic, but I'd love to know if she has discussed her powers with her parish priest, and if so, what he told her.
If she talked to a priest he told her, "don't talk to ghosts".  It's against canon law to be a "medium", so any priest would tell her to cut that out, no matter what she believes she's doing. We thank another reader for setting things straight:

Meg commented: I can't believe a demon would do anything to comfort anyone Why not? If it causes you to run to psychics or mediums or the like, they've done their job.

I couldn't have stated it better.

If you've used blessed salt, and it hasn't bothered them (quantity wouldn't matter, it's the faith with which it is used), they probably are souls in purgatory. These souls are only allowed to manifest themselves to ask for prayers, so I really think that what you are doing (praying for them) is the right thing. I'll pray for them, too, and for you!

No, they are not souls in Purgatory, because no one has Purgatory in their house or yard or old hotel. Purgatory is outside time and space.  You're right that souls from Purgatory have sometimes asked for prayers, but, again, they ask and that's the end of it. Even Jacob Marley didn't spend the rest of Christmas Eve badgering Scrooge. He gave Scrooge the what for and took off.

This idea that anyone would have to endlessly hang around to get their point across is why, ultimately, the apparitions at Medjugorje have never been approved by the Church. If Our Lady hasn't delivered her message by now, after daily apparitions to a bunch of children for years on end, we have to wonder what's up with Our Lady. 

At this rate, I'm surprised no one has mentioned trying a Ouija Board or some Tarot cards. Trying to talk to the dead is on the same "do not try this at home" list of sins as those things. I hope this settles the matter. We have questions that need answering!


denise said...

Regarding psychics, I watched one on TV some time ago. He "knew" things about the sucker (oops, I mean volunteer) ;-)
He asked leading questions and read her reactions to decide what the Unknown was. Being able to read faces, knowing what order to suggest things ("I seem to think it involves someone whose name starts with M." All the common names do.)

So, ESP is just Extra Sneaky People.

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering about Medjugorje. A friend gave me a rosary from there after my child died. It's beautiful. And I'm guessing the blessing is legitimate. But I wonder about the apparitions. I've followed the story but never felt a strong belief that it was genuine.

There is talk of a miracle that will convert people. "the third secret will be a visible, lasting sign that will miraculously be placed somewhere on Apparition Hill. It will be permanent, indestructible, and beautiful"

If it's true, and it's supposed to occur in the lifetime of the visionaries, chances are, we will all see it, too. I guess that will be the 'proof' that it is legitimate. And will give people a chance to convert before the 'end'.

I do feel like we're living in the end times. Not because of visionaries or signs but because I think "How much more can our Lord take?". Aborting babies, declaring war on the Catholic church and on christians in the schools and media. The hatred of priests and the Church isn't even hidden behind closed doors. Some of the biggest voices come from Catholics. I have cousins who call themselves "recovering catholics" as if they were damaged by being raised in the faith. They never have a kind word for anything to do with the church. They are openly hostile towards it. I'm at the end of my rope. How much more can God take?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sister,
Would you be so kind as to accept the Very Inspiring Blogger Award? I've been following your blog for quite some time, and this is a perfect opportunity to share it with others:)