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Monday, February 24, 2014

A Cyber Quiz

We have been here at the cyber convent a long time. During all of this time we've always had the eighth grade boys to help out with anything computer or internet related. We've been here so long, they are not the same eighth grade boys as when we began, and truth be told, at this point I think the kindergarten boys and girls would be almost as savvy. I recently had a young mother opine to me that her toddler was not potty trained but he could program the DVR. Whatever that is.

I know what that is.

Because that is the joy of having young people around all the time. You get to see whatever is the latest thing.  Of late they've been fascinated with all sorts of "which character from some TV show are you" websites.  "Which Harry Potter character are you?"  Then you take some sort of half baked test and the website tells you you are "Ron".  There are dozens of these. Pointless.  How can they tell if you are "like" some character when that character is entirely fictional?

It makes more sense to me to have one that would be "Which Founding Father are you?"  There probably is one of those.

But today, they emailed me the link for "Which One Of Jesus' Disciples Are You?"  So I had to take that test.  If I had to just guess, I would have said maybe "Peter", because he always seemed to struggle so much to figure out what to do, while at the same time having no qualms or doubts in his belief.

I'll be interested to see who you get.  How would they even know if you were like Jude?  We know almost nothing about him.

Who did I get?  I'll tell you tomorrow.


Bethy said...

St. Bartholomew seems to be a popular choice among people I know. As for me, James the Less... James Minor? James the Younger? Jacobus Secundus? :) It's an interesting quiz, and I wonder if people will see it as a way to grow or just a cute movie tie-in.

Anonymous said...

I got St. Jude. Intelligent and unflappable. I'll modestly agree with intelligent, but I do find that I flap around a lot.

Karen said...

I got: Saint Thomas
Ferociously intelligent and streetwise, you don’t take any nonsense from anybody and aren’t afraid to call people out on their BS. Some might call you argumentative, but you know what you want and you’re not afraid to ask for it.

This is so not me :(

Katney said...

I got Andrew.

...who is not today's saint but had two feet.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I got Judas Iscariot!! I was wondering if he'd be an option and sure enough he's the one I get. Here's what it says:

Black sheep, loner, ne’er-do-well, rebel… You’re the kind of person who’s never really fit in with the crowd and you’re okay with that. You do your own thing and live by your own rules. (Also, people don’t really seem to trust you for some reason. You might want to work on that.)

Can I still read your blog or am I banned?


Anonymous said...

Saint James the Less

Brittany said...

I got Saint John: Kind, caring, and easy to love, you give the world’s best hugs and can light up a room with your smile. You love nothing more than spending time with your friends and family. Easygoing and good-natured, you’re rarely angry except when your loved ones are in trouble. Everyone loves being around you. You’re basically the human equivalent of a Golden Retriever puppy.

Claire Rebecca said...

I got St. John...apparently I'm huggable.

Kathy (not the other one) said...

St. Simon.

I wonder if it would have been different if I had chosen curling instead of biathalon as my winter sport?

grace said...

St. Andrew You’re an effortlessly cool trendsetter but somehow you’ve managed not to let it go to your head. People pay attention when you walk into the room and you never have any trouble getting your opinions across. You can be a little sharp at times, but beneath that gruff demeanor is a heart of gold.

Anonymous said...

St. Jude. Intelligent and Unflappable. I'm not sure about intelligent, but I am pretty cool when the house is falling down around me. Surely that is worth something!