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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not Good in Theory

Now that you mentioned Karma...I was wondering if it was alright to practice Om meditation because I like the theory behind it and not the religious part about it...I'm Roman Catholic..am I doing something bad?

What are you talking about? The theory behind it is the religious part. Clear your mind. Become one with the universe.

We can't just run off doing things because we like to. Next thing you know, we're all Father Cutie.

We can't have that.

I think I may understand what you mean to say...what I think you mean to say...that meditation is beneficial. It reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, helps you sleep better. It can even improve your memory. I don't think the Catholic church has a problem with that. You clear your mind and you focus on the sound of your own voice repeating a syllable or two. No problem.

It really depends on what your syllable or two might be. "Om", not a good choice for Catholics. That would be like choosing the word, "Oooooooh......phite".

Om is a religious belief.
"The goal which all the Vedas declare, which all austerities aim at, and which men desire when they lead the life of continence … is Om. This syllable Om is indeed Brahman. Whosoever knows this syllable obtains all that he desires. This is the best support; this is the highest support. Whosoever knows this support is adored in the world of Brahma."
~ Katha Upanishad I

Good old Katha Upanishad. Thanks for clearing that up!

Om is a sacred Hindu word for what is knowable and unknowable about God. It is the sound of God, so to speak, and therefore permeates everything, every breath you take. Which brings us back to meditation.

Catholics meditate, too, by the way. We do it in exactly the opposite way. Instead of trying to empty our minds, we try to fill them. So here you go.


And there's always the Rosary. Always have one handy.

I just saw Father Cutie on the news, by the way. It seems he went off to be an Episcopal priest. That's why we call it "Catholic Lite".


Sandra said...

thanks for the information, I too was wondering. I should keep my rosary bracelet on more often I think

katy said...

"So you can be part of the One True Church founded by Jesus while he was alive on earth, or you can be a part of some church founded by some person who was mad an somebody, somewhere, sometime." Sister Mary Martha

I've been thinking about the above line from Monday's blog and I have to ask: didn't Christianity come about because Jesus was "mad at" the Jewish leaders of his day?

The Young Artist said...

That cleared a lot of things up, which I liked. I was listening to EWTN in the car one day and they were saying how yoga is a good exercise, but the whole thing about finding your insides and what not through me off. They did mention that it is against our religion, do you think you could clairify it for me a little more Sister? I don't know if maybe I misunderstood them or I just didn't get what they were saying. But the meditation topic today was most helpful, thanks!
God Bless,
the young artist

Anonymous said...

I am so happy I came here today !
This post made me think of in the beginning of our formation in the DJM program of S.O.L.T ministries is prayer in your life written by Father Pinto . One of the methods of prayer we learn is the name of Jesus prayer . I'm not sure but I think this is from the Jesuits ? Maybe one of ST.Ignatias 's spiritual exercises ? Anyway Fr. Pinto has us do this in formation and prayer is our first part of formation .
This way saying your name of Jesus prayer is like the sylleble sound but it is so great because your focus is always on Him . maybe you could do a search on this method of prayer .
My prayer started off as Jesus I trust in You and gradually just became His name . we say this as we breath in , breath out . Always having Him in each breath ! It is pretty awesome . no need for
OM ;-) what so ever .
I think alot of the want or need is mostly based on wanting to fit in with popular culture . everyone is capable of wanting to fit in . However it sure dosen't make it right just because everyone is doing it .
Thank You for this post sister .

Smiley said...

OM is the sound the Hindu gods make on reaching sexual climax i kid you not i was told this in school when in India.
Hindus gods are like the greek and roman gods always fighting and having sex and being bad in general.
Just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sister
Is there a saint for women in abusive marriages and what are your thoughts as to whether they should stay or leave?

bill7tx said...

Katy, Christianity came about because Jesus was and is and will forever be the fulfillment of God's covenant with humankind. It was always the Plan. God had it in mind from the creation of the universe, even before He created humankind. It did not come about "because Jesus was 'mad at' the Jewish leaders of His day." He died for them too.

Unknown said...

To add to bill7tx's comment, in fact Jesus had no intention of forming a "break away" sect, he spoke often of fulfilling Judiasm, and having come FOR the Chosen People. The Early Church wanted to remain Jewish, and also be Christians. To make a long boring history lesson short, the Jewish authorities booted them out of the synagogues and criminalized them. So in effect, Christianity became seperate from Judiasm because the Jewish authorities of the day were "mad at" them, not the other way around.

Suse said...

Speaking of meditation - how does the Catholic Church feel about bowing to your class and saying "Namaste" at the end of every yoga session? I've always thought it seems a little too heathen, but if you're just thanking people in a stylistic manner, how can God have a problem with that?

Robert Simms said...

although OM may not be appropriate, this type of meditation is similar to Centering Prayer where AMEN can be used in place of OM.

Bryant Ramirez said...

wow!! that was my question...i was surprised that the sister picked mine to answer...and SISTER, you did a great job of answering it thank you