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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Brown Joeys and Nancys

A couple of readers asked me to clarify a point or two from yesterday's post.

The title: The Sisters of St. Joseph founded by Mary Mackillop are also called "Josephites", but they are known to their friends and the people of Australia as "Brown Joeys" because they wear brown habits. Some of them wear black habits and they are called "Black Joeys". They are all with the same order. She had them change habit color when she moved main congregation away from the lap of controversy.

A reader also wanted to know why I mentioned that Blessed Mother Mary would make a good patron saint for people who love Nancy Grace. I need to clarify. We all must love Nancy Grace as Jesus commands us.

But we don't have to enjoy her miserable program full of conjecture and ill will. I have waxed poetic about it before. I therefore feel that people who actually enjoy the antics of Ms. Grace, a menace to society, a plague on our houses, may need some heavenly help.

We have our tree up and our new little cat has only run up it once, while we were struggling to get it in the stand. He helped put the lights on, if by "help" one would mean attacking the wires.
I could just sit and smell the tree, but time marches on. I'll do that later, rosary in hand.


Gardenia said...

Sister, thank you for the clarification on Nancy GRACE! I do love watching her show, and I can understand your opinion -- it's the same as my husband's. We'll be surfing the channels and if I stop too long on Nancy's show, he'll leave the room. gives me some quality alone time, well, with Nancy. :)

Bunny Wilson said...

Sister, I love the artwork with the child included in this post. Do you know anything about it - the artist, etc?

your favourite australian reader said...

Thanks Sister.
Just to clarify that these days NEITHER the brown joeys nor the black joey wear habits which does make the naming even more ridiculous! To the untrained observer they all just look like 'nunny' women (old shoes, unfashionable skirts and blouses) and the only distinuishing feature is the insignia. The brown joeys insignia is a terribly complicated thing that looks a bit like the string on the back of a corset... distinctive at least which is lucky given the whole Joey confusion.

Oz said...

Hmmm. Some Brown Joeys still wear their habits (e.g. the good sister Cabrini at West Wallsend). The biggest difference I know (from discussions with the Brown Joeys) is that the Brown Joeys are under the charge of the local bishop (and require his permission to relocate or work outside his diocese). This is not true for the Black Joeys who are under the charge of the order and can work anywhere the order operates.

I believe (but will not be dogmatic about) that the Brown Joeys can be found in Maitland/Newcastle but the sisters at North Sydney are Black Joeys.

Anonymous said...

Catholic Convert, you have it worng way around. The Black Joeys were under the charge of the local bish ( for example Canberra/Goulburn, New South Wales, Lochinvar (Maitland/Newcastle) , New South Wales and the Tasmanian province) and the Brown Joeys were centrally governed as Mother Mary intended. I was for her determination over this that she was excommunicated by Bishop Sheil of Adelaide in the 1870s, and eventually she went to Rome to plead her cause with the Pope (Pius 1X) who agreed.