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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Holy Joe

While we decide on whether to have S'Mores or Apple Pie at our Fourth of July cook out, I'll let our archives answer this easy breezy lemon squeezy question.

Who is the patron saint of both selling your house and finding a new one?

Thank goodness for St. Joseph.


Anonymous said...


eileen said...

Thank you Sister for going to the archives regarding selling your home with the help of St. Joseph. Unfortunately I left my comment on the wrong thread (the 2007 archive)!

I appreciated reading the others stories of how St. Joseph help them. My husband and I are trying to sell his parents home and the time crunch is bearing down on us (taxes and small mortgage still looms) for a sale.

I humbly ask any prayers for this sale, along with dear St. Joseph's intercession. We've put St. Joe in the kitchen window...said the novena, but I believe I will be burying him this weekend. God Bless.

Bekah said...

I would like to invite other readers here to explore Catholic classic literature with me. Starting Monday, I'll be posting a new chapter each day of public domain works. I hope you will join in the discussion!

Selah said...

Sister, I understand that those in Purgatory need our prayers very much, but can they not also pray for those on earth? Although, I imagine that if I were suffering in Purgatory, I would just want to suffering to stop...so...maybe I answered my own question. Hmm.

Have a good day!


mph said...

Praying to St. Joseph is one thing but burying a statue is as silly as trying to put a spell on someone to fall in love with you (see two or three posts down).

prayaroundtheworld said...

Funny, just this week I challenged my Facebook friends to use "easy peasy lemon squeezy" in a professional context, with extra points for use in a homily or sermon. Unfortunately, blog posts don't count, although I'd be willing to honor the "breezy" variation you had.

eaucoin said...

I believe the origin of this practice was Blessed Father Andre
(to be canonized in October). He wanted his order to purchase land on Mont Royal (in Montreal) for a chapel dedicated to St. Joseph, so, in an effort to overcome the obstacles (first the order wasn't interested, then the seller wouldn't sell), Blessed Fr. Andre planted St. Joseph medals on the desired parcel. Eventually his order was able to buy it, and St. Joseph's Oratory is the result.

Jane said...

My parents buried a little St. Joseph statue in a flower pot on the front porch of their house, and it sold very quickly. They dug St. Joseph up and took him with them to their new house, where they put him out in the yard (above ground). As they were planting vegetables in their new garden, they found an identical St. Joseph statue in the dirt! Apparently the previous owners forgot about him.