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Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy New Year!

A reader pipes up:
You forgot to say, "Happy New Year."

Yes, I did! Happy New Year! To celebrate, here's a little New Year's baby for you.

We don't make a big fuss about this being our New Year.  It's not like Chinese New Year or one of those other other than Jan. 1 New Year's things.

But it is indeed the beginning of the new year for the Church. Advent is the beginning of the calendar, which we use to align ourselves with the Life of Christ.

It always seemed to me that the calendar should start with Jesus' birthday, and while that makes sense, it doesn't really work, because we have so much to do to prepare.  If Advent wasn't the beginning of the calendar year we'd be doing all of that outside of time, so to speak.

In any case...Happy New Year!  Here we go!


Anonymous said...

Sister do you know anything about Chantal a monk that is honored in Mexico? I do not mean St. Jane Francis Chantal.
a loyal reader

Ren said...

could you possibly mean St. Charbel? He's Lebanese but is honored in Mexico as well. Perhaps the devotion traveled with Lebanese immigrants there?