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Monday, November 26, 2012

Are We There Yet?

Next Sunday we begin such a lovely time of year, as we pave the way for Jesus' birthday. And every year we have to hear about the war on Christmas (which starts in August, if what is on store shelves is any indication of how society is trying to rid us of the holiday).  I like to look toward what we have in common. If I could sum up this season as succinctly as the angels did, I would say, "Peace on Earth to Men of Good Will!" 

How are we doing with that?  Not so hot. The Middle East has re exploded and people trying to grab bargains on prepaid phones have trampled each other. But strife and anguish are not just the children of a mob mentality. Case in point from our comments section:

Confession! Where sexually frustrated males get to learn the most private issues of both men AND women they weekly encounter! Where the confessor can enjoy the violence-monopoly-based male exclusivity of his angelic calling, as the wounded souls of both sexes reveal their full vulnerability unto his anointed ears. Where the typically male power-strategy of keeping ears open and mouth closed, suddenly disguises as availability and trustworthiness! Where the male illusion concerning the elevated nature of masculinity comes to a heavenly climax! No, thanks. I want to reconcile, but through a female confessor. Men almost ruined me, and now I hate them. That's exactly my issue.

I'm not sure what's violence based about the priesthood, or why you would assume celibacy equals frustration. Do you feel that way about Buddhist nuns and monks, too? Are they also a violence monopoly?

But it is the latter part of this comment that is most disturbing. "Them."   "Hate."

So goes the individual, so goes the world.

Have you met all the men in the world? I'm guessing that no matter how terrible the men in your life have been, you've only actually encountered less than 100 men in any way that is up close and personal.

Let's apply your standards to everyone else and see how that flies. I met 100 white peopole and they were terrible, now I hate white people. I met 100 Italians and they were terrible, now I hate Italians.  I met 100 black people and they were terrible, now I hate black people. I met 100 women and they were terrible, now I hate women.  I met 100 Jews and there were terrible, now I hate Jews.

Even if you multiple your number by 100, you're still on thin ice. I retract that. No ice. No ice at all.

You're going to have a problem with a female confessor, too, even if there was one, she would tell you first and foremost, all that hate has to go. Jesus said to love your enemies. LOVE your ENEMIES.

That's why so many people don't like Him. He was a man, by the way.

Your issue is not men. It is your hate. And no one can absolve you of that mortal sin unless you reconcile it in your heart.

This would be an excellent time to begin that healing. Advent. The coming of the hope of peace.


Sophie Miriam said...

I literally JUST read this post, all about confession from the side of the priest.


Steve said...

Thank you, Sister! I wanted to respond the other day when I read that the first time, but I didn't think the writer would put any stock in what I had to say, anyway. If it will help, I apologize to her if I have ever offended her in any way, even though I have probably never met her. You are right, though--hate is the enemy, not men. I will pray for her, even if she doesn't want me to. And God Bless you too, Sister.

Aaron Lopez said...

God bless you sister!

Anonymous said...

That was me.

I appreciate many individual men. It's masculinity I have come to hate. Three main mechanisms: 1. The nine times higher level of testosteron in men makes them feel inferior when they cannot feel superior (either subtle or overt). 2. Masculine men rather leave the scene as a loser than stay as an equal, due to their deeply rooted and cultivated hierarchic style. 3. Men - much more than women - define themselves by their sex. Any evolutionary biologist will indeed confirm that conception (the act of sex) is the only reason nature has for males of any species to be around. The surplus of males is useful to have them compete for reasons of selection.

Voila. A recipe for suppression of women who see relationships in terms of equality. Many equalitythinkers faultily start to see hierarchic thinking as equal to equal thinking ('well, as a man he has his pride'), and end up as winners or losers themselves - against her will. This is a clear mass case of the Stockholm syndrome.

The whole society is drenched in this tacit misogyny and the worst part is: women cooperate because they feel male leadership to be natural. No. Male dominance is not at all natural. Male leadership is male-created and very cultural. It has just existed for a long time. The main reason men had for suppression of the female is the relatively great scarcity of young, fertile women.

I'll tell you straightforwardly, that I have indeed met a lot of subtle or not so subtle ugliness in men who are to a very high degree goodwilled (and no man on earth is entirely goodwilled). 'Then it must have been caused by her behaviour or maybe it was just her personal interpretation' I can almost hear you think. And yes, it WAS me. My behaviour and my interpretation. For many years I failed to reckon with the fact, that I am autistic and therefore as naive as I am intelligent. Why? Because I did not know it (meanwhile I obviously do). Being hurt to pulp again and again, taught me what happens to a person who looks nice, is sweet and talks bright but in reality has no adequate social defense. This ought not to condemn the autistic 'impairment' (I am healthy and competent) but the people who are hungry for power. Males are (see the 3 points describes above). I don't believe male rhetorics to defend themselves. I believe their actions. And the high male testosterone level does not dismiss them from their own responsibility to stop acting out their collective compulsion to 'lead'.

Sorry for the space I took.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and before y'all suppose I am convinced that with males it's all about sex: I'm not. It's about their hierarchic position among other males. Women are not even a part of the male benchmark! Physical and social obstructions such as distance, female intelligence, male competitors and laws make it hard to 'cash' their 'power-checks'. Hence, shere power became a substitute for sex.

Welcome to the Vatican.

Thank you.

sandylouise said...

Well said Sister. I hope and pray that the writer hears you.

Anonymous said...

Why is anonymous here when she is obviously just a troll here to bash the Catholic Church and promote atheist agenda?

Anonymous said...

I think you are to be congratulated for a sensible and clear reply to a silly (trolling?) question. Your point about not drawing general conclusions from individual experiences is an excellent one. Thank you.

I am the sister of a very gentle autistic man, so I am particularly sorry to read the original poster's remarks, and surprised by the way they are expressed. Autism is rare in women.

Nan said...

Anon, wow! That's some attitude you have there. Find an adoration chapel. Then you can sit before Him who loves you more than anything, basking in the fact that He died for you. Testosterone and all.

I'm sorry that you can't see how the Church elevated one woman above all; Mary, conceived without sin, to become the perfect, obedient vessel, the original tabernacle who nurtured Our Savior.