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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Before the Storm

Thanks for hanging in here with us, folks. We have been having a large transition period with many adjustments with two people now in hospice care, one of them our own beloved Sister Mary Fiacre.

I know many of you have had this experience and I hope you can share with us your memories and feelings. I feel it is such a precious time, this letting go, this gathering of time. Creating peace.

How is it that during all of these we eat like horses?  Or not at all.  Or coffecake. Just coffecake.

I will be around to answer questions and patron saint match, still my favorite preoccupation.

I hope to check back at week's end or certainly early next week. Meanwhile, talk among yourselves.


Maureen said...

It is a very stressful time.... I cared for my mother at home until she could not walk anymore, and then we had to find a nursing home for her. But once ( most ) of the guilt about that was processed, I realised that the time she had left on this earth was a gift you us both - because I could just be her daughter again, and not her carer or her nurse.
You will find new ways to make the time you spend in the hospice meaningful, and every bit as valuable as it was when you had to do all the caring. Just be there with your community members, it is enough simply to be able to do that.
Take care of yourself too.

SAC said...

Oh! Sister Mary Martha, I love you so much! I will be praying for you.

I would ask you to patron-saint match to help you feel better, but since I'm not Catholic, that would probably be facetious and not, therefore, cheefulizing after all. I will try to think of a good question instead.

The other day at school, one of the kids wanted me to throw something to him. I told him no at first, but then I realized I didn't mind that much, so I said I would if he would give me something I wanted. I didn't have anything in mind at that moment, but I knew we could work something out.

He offered a hug. I said, yuck (because, hugs should be offered freely and not sold). Someone else suggested that he never ask me any questions again. I said, "That would be the opposite of the kind of thing I would want." So then he offered to ask LOTS of questions, and I told him he was getting warmer. Finally, I said that I would throw it to him if he would be nice to absolutely everyone, all day long. (This particular kid seems to be a little tone-deaf in the manners department, so I was hoping to help him experience what life can be like when you actually behave kindly and respectfully towards others.)

He said, "Ok, but not to him," and he pointed to another boy.

I said, "Especially to him," and was insisting 82on it when we were interrupted and that conversation ended.

But I felt I had done good. And I know what it's like to love answering questions.

Claudia said...

I felt happy because their suffering was over and sad because they were gone.

Tienne said...

Oh, Sister, I'm so sorry to hear this. Prayers for you and your fellow caregivers and for dear Sister Mary Fiacre during this time of both sadness and anticipation. :( I know it will be wonderful when she is at peace with our Lord!

Anonymous said...

Dear SMM, Glad to see you back online, and sorry to hear about Sister Mary Fiacre. Will be praying for all of you during this bittersweet time. Tracy

Lynn Reynolds said...

Sorry to hear about the difficult time you're going through. I'll definitely be praying for you and your sisters in the hospice.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and Sister Mary Fiacre. May you all have peace.

A faithful reader

Anonymous said...

Praying for all of you during this time of transition. When our family went through it, the hardest part for me was watching and waiting while there was pain and suffering. Peace and love to all.

Elizabeth said...

Praying with you, Sister! May Our Lady, Queen of Cîteaux, bless us with her prayers for peace!

Eileen said...

God's blessings be upon you as you traverse these difficult times. You will be in my prayers.

Ami Badami said...

Praying for you and the sisters in hospice.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister,

I will pray for both you and Sister Mary Fiacre as well as the second person in hospice. I've been through it twice, once for an extended period of time, and I still don't have anything wise or useful to share. But prayers I can offer!

You've always come through in the past, so I have a Saint matching request. It is for a young man who states adamantly that he is a Catholic and wishes to raise his children Catholic. But he is now expecting a child with his girlfriend/fiiancee. She is an atheist… I have been asking St. Paul, St. Monica, and St. Ann to pray for her conversion. And I have been asking St. Joseph to pray for him. Have you any other suggestions? By the bye, they are as poor as church mice. I feel like I need some serious help in the prayer department!
Thank you!

Apiarist said...

Offering continuous prayers for the sisters in hospice,for all caregivers,and for all who mourn.

Anonymous said...

Hearing your stories and comments about Sister Mary Fiacre always brought a smile to my face. I'll miss her. I'll miss her for you and all will grieve her passing. I bet she'll be glad to be with Jesus. Free. No pain, no limitations. Just love and peace. I'm actually kind of jealous. Peace to all of you. I'll be keeping all of you in my prayers.

Katney said...

My husband, despite his own health issues (blood cancer and kidney failure) is a hospice volunteer. He finds spending time with hospice patients very rewarding. He was drawn to the work because of advice from hospice when his own parents were in their final illnesses. He is my hero.

Sandra said...

God bless you -- this time is hardest onthe cargivers/survivors. The dear sisters will be at peace soon. Be sure to say goodby and give them permission to go. It the most important thing I did for my Mother. She didn't seem conscious biut was mich more restful after I told her I would be OK and it was OK to go.

Sending prayers your way.

Martita said...

Sister, my heart and prayers go out to you, Sister Mary Fiacre and the other person in hospice and their families.
My younger siblings did fantastically at taking care of mother when that time came. Hospice was an alleviation, I think. Someone else to turn to for help. Dad wanted mom in the house, with him, so she stayed with my younger brother as main caretaker. It was so rough on him. It tore us all apart yet brought us together, too. It was a very confusing time. Food is comfort so we ate lots but it was sometimes a chore, so we didn't eat. It's the waiting and the fear of the unknown. I don't think we were/are as enlightened as you are spiritually so we had no one to turn to. We were in the thick of it and emotions ran high. Every journey is different, I think.

I pray more now so, as I pray for my mother's soul, I will also pray for you and all concerned.

Occasional lurker ;)