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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holy Moley

Sister, which water (Holy or Lourdes) is best for sprinkling the home - and the people in it (especially if there are some real "issues" that need Confession)?

I hope you're not confused that sprinkling any kind of water will take the place of working on the issues that need Confession. Confession is the only thing that will get rid of those "issues". We generally call them "sins". They stick there on your soul until you go to Confession--which, by the way, is now called "Reconciliation". And even then, if you're not truly sorry for your "issues", the forgiveness doesn't stick either.

I used to have a little problem with the idea that we changed the name of our beloved sacrament, but I'm finally warming up to it, years later. Years and years and years, later. I felt that we shouldn't abandon the notion that we had to confess, which involves some humility.

But so does reconciliation, and that really is a more accurate description of what happens in the confessional. The reconciliational.  That's a mouthful. Good thing we mostly go face to face now.

I do have a small problem with that. While I think it's really an excellent idea, I think it keeps a lot of people away. It's the whole reason we had "the box" in the first place. Some people really need anonymity.  I'm not just whistling "Dixie".

The name was changed to drive home the fact that God never turns from you. When you sin, you turn from God. Since God is always there for you, it's up to you to reconcile with Him.  He's just waiting for you.

Is there a difference between Holy Water and Lourdes water? Yes and no.  Holy water is just regular water that has been blessed by a priest. Lourdes water is holy water that was blessed by Our Lady when she designated to Bernadette that the water would be a healing spring. Lourdes water is considered to have miraculous properties, while Holy Water is a sacramental through which grace flows.

To that end, for your purposes, I'd go with regular Holy Water for your house and the people in it. How does that work?

Holy Water 101:

Water cleanses.
Water sustains life.

God cleanses.
God sustains life.

Holy water cleanses and sustains the life of the soul, as it is blessed with the Grace of God.

So we cleanse and bless objects that help us to sustain the lives of our souls by calling on the Grace of God.

I'm working on another booklet about sacramentals, so I'll be sure and make one about Holy Water. Meanwhile, the first four are available! We've sold quite a few already!


Anonymous said...

Confession! Where sexually frustrated males get to learn the most private issues of both men AND women they weekly encounter! Where the confessor can enjoy the violence-monopoly-based male exclusivity of his angelic calling, as the wounded souls of both sexes reveal their full vulnerability unto his anointed ears. Where the typically male power-strategy of keeping ears open and mouth closed, suddenly disguises as availability and trustworthiness! Where the male illusion concerning the elevated nature of masculinity comes to a heavenly climax!

No, thanks. I want to reconsile, but through a female confessor. Men almost ruined me, and now I hate them. That's exactly my issue.

Paige said...

I'm not entirely sure why reconciliation has anything to do with male illusions of anything...

Lily said...

Anonymous first post:

Men are individuals, as are priests. All 3.5 billion men on the planet did not almost ruin you, and to act like they did is sexist. I hope you can forgive the particular men for what they did to you, but you also need to realize that most men are, well, just like most women; they are trying their best to be decent human beings, and some fail while others succeed.

Also, in confession, most priests really don't care about or remember the particular sins they hear. They merely act in persona Christi and offer reconciliation between us and God, but ALSO act as a member of the community, since we hurt human beings when we sin as well.

Thirdly, many priests aren't "ears open, mouth closed"; many give really good advice and councel in the confessional are are quite kind and understanding. Perhaps if you tried to befriend your local priests, you could start to heal from the bad relationships you have had with men :)

Anonymous said...

Paige, in a master/slave relationship (which is what patriarchy creates by definition) there is nothing to reconcile, since reconciliation presupposes personal freedom. Stating that we do not reconcile with the priest but with God, so that the person of the priest does not matter, will logically free the way for women to become priests as well.

Anonymous said...

Lily, what you write is already too much rhetorics for me. And I do not like debating, because that's a typically male power game which almost always turns into endless theoretical hair splitting. So, bye bye!

Anonymous said...

Seemingly, you also do not like conversation, which involves more than one person talking AND listening. I don't like ridiculous, ignorant generalizations and rants. But I won't just say Bye bye - I wish you well and hope you get the help you need, somewhere.
- A different Anonymous

Anonymous said...

As the late exorcist Fr. Malachi Martin said "Lourdes water is extremely powerful against eveil." as well as being healing.

Unless you live near Lourdes, you're probably pretty far from the source and don't have an unlimited supply of this incredible sacramental. I would save the Lourdes water for very pressing occasions and use regular holy water for every day use.