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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Heaven Help Us List of Saints

 I've been asked on many occasion of a list of saints that are available in the shop.  So here they are.  These are the saints we have available in medal form, which are hand painted. I can put any saint at all on a glass pendant.  We have a few new saints that will be listed in the next couple of days.  Here's the big parade in Heaven!

A                                      B                                          C                                          D
Agatha                  Barbara                              Catherine LaBorre                      Damien of Molokai
Agnes                   Benedict                             Catherine of Sienna                    Dismas
Albert the Great    Bernard                              Cecelia                                        Dominic
Alphonsus             Bernardette                        Charles Borromeo                      Dominic Savio
Anastasia              Bernadine                           Christopher                                Dymphna
Andrew Avelino   Blaise                                  Cipriano
Ann                                                                   Clare
Anthony                                                           Cosmos and Damien
Appollonia                                                       Curs de Ars

E                                     F                                          G                                           H
Edward                       Faustina                          Gabriel                                    Helen
Elias                           Florian                             Gabriel the Archangel            Hugh
Elizabeth of Hungary Frances Cabrini              Gemma
Elizabeth Seton          Francis Assisi                  Genesius
Emergency Pass         Francis Xavier                 George
Expeditus                                                           Gerard
                                                                           Gregory Sierra
                                                                           Guardian Angel

I                                       J                                          K                                           L
Ignatius Loyola          James                               Kateri                                      Lawrence
Infant of Prague         Joan  of Arc                                                                     Lazarus
Isidore                        Johannes Berchanns                                                        Lucy
                                   John                                                                                 Luke
                                   John the Baptist                                                               Louis
                                   John Bosco                                                                    
                                   John of God
                                   John Neuman
                                   Josemaria Escriva

M                                         N                                                      O                                 P
Maria Goretti            Nicholas                                                                              Patrick
Mark                         Nino de Atocha                                                                   Paul
Martha                                                                                                                   Paulina
Martin de Cabelleros                                                                                            Peregrine
Martin de Porres                                                                                                   Peter
Matt Talbot                                                                                                           Philomena
Maximillian Kolbe                                                                                               Poor Souls of Purgatory
                                                                                                                              Pope John Paul II

R                                          S                                                        T                               V
Raphael                       Scholastica                                    Teresa of Avila            Valentine
Raymond                     Sebastian                                       Teresa of Calcutta       Vincent de Paul
Rita                             Stanislaus                                       Theresa the Little Flower
Rock                           Stephen                                           Thomas Aquinas
Rosalia                                                                                Thomas More
Rose of Lima

The Virgin Mary                              Miscellaneous                                Saints in Glass
Assumption                                    Good Shepherd                        (we can make any saint on a glass
Fatima                                            Holy Family                               pendant. These are some we've
Guadalupe                                      Baby Jesus                                  made.)
Holy Hill                                        First Communion                             Bibianna
La Salette                                                                                                 Gertrude of Nevilles
Lourdes                                                                                                    Christina the Astonishing
Medugorje                                                                                                Julian of Norwich
Madonna of the Streets                                                                            Jerome
Miraculous Medal                                                                                    Ivo
Olives                                                                                                       Macarius
Perpetual Help                                                                                          Swithin
Virgin de Cobre                                                                                        Wilgefortis



Ladytats said...

I will have to look this one up.

Sister Mary Martha said...

St. Wilgefortis is the patron saint of bearded ladies.

Hattie Heaton said...

How do I order? I want Matt Talbot.

Lily said...

D: D: D:
I desperately hope you are not joking sister! :)

Could you tell us the story (or link to a previous post) behind St. Wilgefortis?

Sister Mary Martha said...

To read about St. Wilgefortis or make a purchase, just click on any of the shop icons in the sidebar. There is a search bar in the shop to find any saint you're after quickly. Some items may not be in stock, but my list here is a list of things I can make for you.

Arkanabar said...

Sister, I would like to send you your Saints list in a nice HTML table, so that word wrap in various web browsers won't make it difficult to read. Send an email address to arkanabar at hotmail dot com to take me up on this offer.

Susan said...

Dear Sister Mary Martha,
Is there a patron saint of electrical linemen, the men who climb poles and put their hands on electrical wires? I looked around on the internet, but did not find anything.
I really enjoy your explainations with examples, such as the free will entry. Thanks!

Donna Mierzejewski-McManus said...

Hi Sister, enjoy your blog. Amusing and educational.

I'd like to hear what you know about St. Kunegunda. I have a relative with this name. The relative I know for sure with this name wasn't born on the feast day that I located for St. Kunegunda (June 24). As you can guess, she was a Polish lady. But her birthday was in March. I'm curious about the name because it's unusual even in my very Polish family. I had never even heard of the name until I "dug up" Kunegunda with my genealogical research.

Anonymous said...

Sister: Any chance you could make a St. Zita medal? I have looked everywhere (including the town where she is buried!!!) and cannot find one

Anonymous said...

Hello Sister!

I have a comment concerning St. Wilgefortis. I have done some research on the internet and have found that she is not real...she is made up. Don't you think it would be appropriate to take her out of your medals at your shop? She has been proven as not having ever lived! Her cult arrived in the early 14th century...as a bearded woman crucified on a cross. Please look into this...for i just does not seem right to me for people to think that they can pray to a fake piece of someone's imagination!

Anonymous said...

I meant to post this link on my other comment...sorry.


Laura said...

Can you make a St Gregory the Great medal? His feast day is my birthday, and I've taken him as my patron as well, I've been looking for a medal of him. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Roberto Maroni Italian minister said "If the Virgin Mary appears wearing a Veil on all her pictures, how can u ask me to sign on a Islamic Hijab ban law?"

Anonymous said...

going to a Pamplona party - do you have a st Fermin?