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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pope Spoke on a Rope

So far this year the most difficult thing to get away from has been Mary appearing in and on things. She was on the underpass dribblings in Chicago, a tree in the parking lot of the General Mills factory where they make breakfast cereal, that grilled cheese.....just yesterday I saw her on the underbelly of a turtle that some lady found in her back yard.

That was until the Pope gave his recent speech. Now I can't get away from all the Pope fuss. I can't escape everyone and their dog Rollo's opinion of the Pope, what he said, what he meant to say, whether or not he did apologize or should apologize, and what hat he had on while it all occured.

I feel compelled to offer my opinion of his hats. Every once in a while when I run across the a picture of the Pope unexpectedly , in the paper or online or wherever, just for a second, I think I'm looking at one of those red hat ladies. Since he's not also wearing a purple boa, I realize in the next second it's the Pope.

Nice hat, I think to myself.

The rest of it is as tiresome to me as the endless questions about papal infallibilty. How many times have I had to explain that? Even Catholics get mixed up.

It's not rocket science.

Is the pope always infallible? If you're playing scrabble with the Pope and he puts up the word "blotsnefad" does he win?


The Pope is only infallible when he speaks on matters of morals and ethics, and even then only when he speaks 'ex cathedra', or from the throne. I mean....ex cathedra means from the throne. There's been some argument about how many times this has happened and I think the official answer is three. One was the dogma of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, one was the Assumption of Mary into heaven and the other one was that the Pope is infallible.

You see, the Pope wasn't always infallible. The Church has always been infallible but the Pope was not personally infallible until Vatican I. That Pope locked everyone up in the Vatican for quite some time. The Cardinals were very crabby and uncomfortable.

But the Pope became infallible by infallible ex cathedra decision and the infallibility of the Pope was retroactive for all the Popes before him. Even the Borgia's.

I'm thinking it will all blow over, this recent conflagration. Salmon Rushdie is still doing very well after all and I think his dummy was burned many times way back when.


sher said...

love the hats!

That last picture is a doozie. If anything would make one question papal infallibility, I think it would be that expression on the infallible one.

Sister Mary Martha said...

Sarada, I think that's why there's actually controversy about which statements are officially infallible. It seems like there's always a question as to whether the magisterium is indeed in union. It seems that way to me, anyhow.

Jeff Miller said...

"on matters of morals and ethnics"

Pretty funny spelling error, though the common formula is faith and morals.

By the way the Pope speaks Ex Cathedra every time there is a canonization of a saint. Catholic apologist Jimmy Akin along with many others say that the language used and the scope of Papal pronouncements for canonization are Ex Cathedra statements.

People often only think of the two Ex Cathedra statements since Vatican II of the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption as the only two cases. They are the only They are arguably the only two dogmatic definitions by a Pope.

This post has the relevant information:

Jeff Miller said...

Oops I meant Vatican I.

Sister Mary Martha said...

I'll pray to St. Jerome, the patron saint of typos (and to St. Paula to make the corrections).

The Canonization of Saints is probably overlooked because there are so many saints who just plain didn't exist.

Andy Looney said...

When I become Pope John XXIV I'm going to continue to wear my Eddie Bauer cap.

I'll have to be ordained first.

I'll then have received all seven sacraments.

Anybody want to say I'm wrong?

Sister Mary Martha said...

Mr. Looney, I suggest you start working on some doctrinal dissertations to get yourself noticed.

Other than that I think it's clear sailing. Seminary, priest, bishop, maybe leap to Cardinal, get yourself assigned near the Vatican so folks over there get to know you personally. It could work. We like our Pope's on the old side.

Andy Looney said...

Thanks Sister.

I've already been to the Seminary. Took the marriage preparation course at St. Augustine's in Scarborough.

And there's my dissertation on the value of switching to Sun Worship.

Actually I was thinking of moving the Vatican to Canada.

There's a nice empty lot on the corner of my street. The Canada Geese won't mind giving it up.

After all, Toronto IS the second biggest Italian city in the World.

Pope John XXIV

owenswain said...

I know it's going to get me in a popeload of trouble but frankly, I like what he said. Not what it has since been twisted into and while he certianly spoke outside of The Chair what he said is true, even in the context of a quote. But what do I know, I'm oneathem converts. :)

owenswain said...

Gee, that handle of mine is so annoyingly long that it gets in the way. I shortened it. Sister, your blog is one of the best finds I've found.

dutch said...

Behold the hat of Satanic pagan rituals and wonders...awww, just kidding.