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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lightning Round

Ever notice that there are things certain people always get wrong?  My mother, for example, has called the over the counter medication Imodium AD, "Ammonia AD" for as long as I can remember.  She even had my father doing it.

Then their are the people who can't get they're "theres" straight.

So I was not surprised to get this note in the comment section the other day.

AAAAAAARGGGHHH!!!! Are you SURE you're a schoolteacher?

Lightning is a powerful discharge of static electricity, usually associated with storms. The word does NOT contain the letter 'e'.

Lightening is the act of reducing a load.

Happily for this reader and me, frustration (as opposed to harbored anger) is not a sin, or we would both be in the soup.

Yes, I am a teacher.  I guess this is on my "always wrong about" list.  I also almost always misspell "argument".  It seems to me that it should have another "e" in there (their, they're), since it's about when one argues.  Spell check stops me in my tracks.

If only my " always wrong about" list stopped at spelling.

At least I know not to mix Imodium and bleach. I hope this lightnings your load.


Claudia said...

Are we doing critiques of grammer? What bothers me the most is when people say "I seen....." What happened to I have seen or I saw?

mph said...

I can't stand "would of/could of" instead of "would have/could have". And also "your (going)" instead of "you're (going)".

Anonymous said...

... 100 times on the chalkboard, please.

Anonymous said...

I guess we should be grateful for the suffering they inspire, which we can then offer up.
Or then again, the humor, since they often make a mistake when correcting others' mistakes. Makes me think of a story I heard one... something about a mote... your brother's eye... hmmm ;)

mph said...

Glad to have been of service and offered a rather weary anonymous something to offer up.

Martha said...

If everyone handled criticism like SMM, the world would be a much lovelier place! Thank you for your good example, Teach.

My family's list includes 'mamoxicillin' yes, with an m for some reason, 'Barvaria,' 'Venzeuela,' and 'irregardless,' which isn't even a word, I don' think.

mph said...

Mmmm, Sr. MM is great at handling criticism. She rightfully gets a lot of praise as well. Others of us admit we are very weak and get tired of having everything we say criticised.

SAC said...

I had to come home from church early today because I was just feeling too sick and cranky (naps are not just for two-year-olds), and I thought I would take a look over here and by golly Sister Mary Martha at least helped with the crankiness part.

Thank you!

Monica said...

Martha, we say 'anti-disirregardless' here, just to be completer. I had a friend from Belgium say to me once "I speak very good the English" which we quote when we catch each other using bad grammAr. :-)

Maura said...

Don't feel bad Sister. I'm an editor, and I discovered that one of my blind spots is the word "accommodate" when I spelled it wrong about 24 times in a brochure. Only found out when we got the film proof.

I often wonder how brain surgeons handle the stress of never being able to make a mistake, but it sure puts spelling mistakes into perspective.

Anonymous said...

Shoot. I haven't a clue as to what saint is featured today.
I did want to say to Sister Mary Martha, I laughed when I read about the misspelling. You'd think that person must have something better to do than editing a nun's blog, but apparently I was wrong. So you weren't the only one!