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Friday, July 07, 2006

Have a Sorrowful and Holy Friday

OH how very casual we've become in our prayers. Why just the other day I heard a young man who had tripped on the sidewalk shout, "Jesus Christ!" Although any time is a good time to pray, how odd to just shout our Our Lord's name like that.

Just when I was mulling this over it came to my attention that perhaps he wasn't praying at all, but taking the Lord's name in vain! How did it come to my attention you may ask? The Lord works in mysterious ways.

I was watching "Deal or No Deal" with the other two sisters in our house. There are only three of us left now. Sister Mary Fiacre who is 92 and doesn't know what she's watching, and Sister St. Aloyisus who prays the rosary during the program for the scantily clad briefcase toting models. As none of it tempts me to sin, I enjoy the show. In any case I am the only one paying attention, a role I've become accustomed to in and out of the covent walls.

Suddenly there came a commercial for a restaurant called "TGI Friday's" featuring young people gathered for whatever platter of food was on special that week. I could not make out what the TGI could have possible meant. "The Good Ingestion"? "Two Gallon Iced-tea"? "Twits Gather In here"?

The next day while reading the news on Catholic Online it occured to me to Google TGI.
I nearly fainted when I saw that TGI Friday, represented by beer swilling leering singles lacking even table manners, stood for "Thank God It's Friday"!

This is wrong on so many levels! Friday should always be a day of fast and penance, Vatican II not withstanding, because it's the day Our Lord died and after what a horrible day he had that day, it's the least we can do to go without a little once a week.

To make Friday of ALL days the day to gorge and guzzle with the mob from work! And then on top of that to have the audacity to actually THANK GOD for the opportunity, boggles the mind.

Here's what you need to thank God for besides your life and salvation: the fact that three Sisters are still around to pray your sorry soul out of purgatory. Well, two and a half. Sister Fiacre isn't with it enough to do that a lot of the time.


Samantha said...

this is wonderful. i feel like i've stepped behind the stone walls of a convent. glorious. oops, is that wrong? using a derivative of the word glory to describe something other than God?

Sister Mary Martha said...

If you'd like to actually step behind the wallsSister Mary Fiacre would love the company. She won't know you're there necessarily, but Sister St. Aloyisus and I can run out to the store.

Kathi said...

looks like you got that counter up and running...

love the blog.

Sister Mary Martha said...

Yes, Kathy. I said a prayer to St. Isidore the patron saint of the internet.

Kathy, I noticed that you mispell your name. Nowdays I guess they have excuses for this type of thing called 'disorders'. Plain laziness if you ask me.