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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I believe I have mentioned before that the three of us here at the convent, Sister St. Aloysius, Sister Mary Fiacre and I, watch CNN so we know what to pray for. Mostly that's a no-brainer, what with the war...s, plural: ones with bombs and ones in the ether like 'the war on terror'.

But today during our lunch we happened to see this item. I'm not sure you can watch it without sinning as it might lead you to impure thoughts...ones you don't even want to have, for a change. I'm certain there will at least be a near occassion of sin involved, so please say some Hail Mary's while you look into this:

I'll wait here.

Unintentionally Filthy Naked People

Now this hasn't happened yet. But let me tell you that some people, people with SISTER in their title will certainly never fly again!

Not that we fly all that much. Pretty much just to an assignment if we're reassigned, and even then we usually drive in an old Toyota.

But after this, we'll walk across the country if we have to!

"Oh Sister," you say. "This is exactly why they need to profile people. Then Grandma's and nuns won't have to suffer this indignity."

Well, I have news for you. There are so few nuns around anymore that just about everywhere I go little children ask me if I'm with the Taliban. So who do you think is going to be suddenly naked on screen at the airport? The woman with the big black veil, that's who.

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Sherrykins said...

Of course I clicked on "unintentionally fifthly naked people", it didn't do anything but it wouldn't let me back page to your blog and I had to go find your blog again in the Etsy thread.

Just thought you'd like to know!

Very interesting and comical writing.